Earth Science Research Guide


Useful for finding subject-specific definitions and for familiarizing yourself with new subjects  


Useful sources for reference purposes


Systematic investigations of the geology of particular area; useful for creating a geological maps or models
  • Alberta Geological Survey
    Information concerning geology of Alberta… responsible for describing the geology and resources in the province and provides information and knowledge to help resolve land use, environmental, public health, and safety issues related to geosciences.
  • The British Colombia Geological Survey: “The ministry branch responsible for producing and housing the public geological and geoscientific information about mineral resources and mineral potential in the province. Staffed by professional geoscientists who carry out the systematic inventory and assessment of the varied and complex geology of British Columbia”
  • The Canada-Nunavut Geoscience Office  “…a partnership between the Government of Nunavut (GN), Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC)… expertise in Precambrian, Paleozoic and Quaternary geology, GIS and cartography and online data dissemination. The mandate of the office is to provide Nunavut with accessible geoscience information and expertise to support: 1) responsible resource exploration and development, 2) responsible infrastructure development, 3) geoscience capacity building, 4) geoscience education and training and 5) geoscience awareness and outreach. CNGO publications and data can be downloaded from this site. Results from CNGO work are published annually in its Summary of Activities volume and released in a range of other publication series”.
  • Geology- Natural Resources Canada :
    Natural Resources Canada’s collection of resources on the subject of Geology.
  • Manitoba Geoscience: Manitoba’s resources on the subject of Geoscience


Useful for locating a place or settlement
  • The National Atlas of Canada
    A web-based, innovative Atlas of Canada, featuring a “dynamic collection of interactive maps, graphics, images and multi-media resources”.
  • US Board on Geographic Names
    Place names for US and Antarctica, used to maintain uniform geographic name usage throughout the federal government.
  • Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names
  • Google Earth
    A web-based application which allows users to explore a virtual, three-dimensional map of the earth, which can be zoomed in or out in great detail.
  • Google Maps
    An online mapping service which provides satellite imagery of the earth, and users can explore these by inputting specific locations. Includes street maps and panoramic images of street views and directions for travel, whether by foot, car, bicycle or public transportation.


  • Annual Review of Materials Science
    “Original critical reviews of the significant primary literature and current developments in materials science”
    Available online
  • Earth-Science Reviews
    “Provides information for instructors, students, research scientists, and government agencies involved in program support management and in environmental assessment and control, private industries concerned with planetary resources, and the independent consultant.”
    Available online
  • Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences
    “Original critical reviews of the significant primary literature and current developments in the earth and planetary sciences”
    Available online
  • Annual Review of Energy and the Environment
    “Original critical reviews of the significant primary literature and current developments in energy and the environment”.
    Available online
  • Progress in Physical Geography
    “An international forum for geographical work in the natural and environmental sciences, reviewing current research and theoretical developments”.
    Available online


Useful information for properly citing maps and Atlases in Earth Science


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October 2018
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