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Journal Articles

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Business Source Complete     
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There are hundreds of recent print and e-books that may be relevant to the study of the digital environment and economy. They can be found in the database OMNI on the Library's home page:  OMNI also contains journal articles and other materials.

Basic Internet Statistics

United Nations ITU World Telecommunications Database
Phone, computer, and internet access statistics; global and country level

Internet Traffic Report
Measures the flow of current internet traffic; global, country, and regional breakdowns

Cisco Annual Internet Report
Forecasts the growth of ip networks worldwide

Government and Inter-Government Information

There are reports available from both intergovernmental organizations and individual countries. The focus here is on Canadian information.

UNCTAD Digital Economy Report

OECD Measuring the Digital Transformation

Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission
Regulates Canadian broadcasting and telecommunications; also deals with some of the related privacy and security issues.
Communications Market Report
An excellent, up-to-date overview of the communications sector
Statutes and Regulations

Canada. Policy Horizons
Analysis of the emerging policy landscape for the federal government
The Next Digital Economy

Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada
Enforces privacy laws and provides advice on how to protect personal information
Privacy Research

Public Safety Canada
Coordinates government departments and agencies responsible for national security and the safety of Canadians.
National Cyber Security Strategy
National Cyber Security Action Plan

Innovation, Science, and Economic Development Canada
Canadian ICT Sector Profile 2019

Statistics Canada: Digital Economy and Society
Wide range of Canadian statistics; good detail but often dated

Market Research Reports

A wide variety of current reports: some global, some country-focused; browse the Technology and Media category and/or try searches such as "digital economy", "digital media", "mobile market", "e-commerce", and "m-commerce"; limit by date, as appropriate.

Current reports for many countries and many industries. A few examples for Canada:

Digital Landscape in Canada
Digital Consumer in Canada
Digital Commerce in Canada
Internet Retailing in Canada
Mobile Internet Retailing in Canada
Insider Intelligence/eMarketer
Provides reports and forecasts in areas such as digital marketing, media, advertising, retail and e-commerce, social media, demographics; global and some country coverage.

Canadian reports; overview of market size, including a five year forecast, brand share, category trends, consumer attitudes and behaviours; each report also includes downloadable consumer survey data.

A broad range of industry reports for the United States, Canada, Ontario, and China; also a few global reports. Try searches such as: telecommunications, "e-commerce", online

MarketLine (via Business Source Complete):  Wireless Telecommunication Services Industry Profile: Canada

MarketLine (via BSC): Online Retail Industry: Canada

Business Monitor (via BSC): Canada Telecommunications Report

Research Groups and Think Tanks

World Wide Web Foundation
See under Research. Includes reports such as:
Affordability report
Open data barometer
Meaningful connectivity for rural communities

Pew Research Center: Internet and Technology
Many reports and other publications such as:
Connection, Creativity, and Drama: Teen Life on Social Media in 2022

McKinsey Global Institute: Technology and Innovation  
Many reports such as:
The Future of Work in America

Carleton University: Canadian Media Concentration Research Project
A variety of general and policy intervention reports, e.g.
The State of the Digital Media and Internet Industries in Canada

Canadian Internet Governance Forum. Reports

Public Policy Forum
Many publications such as:
Bridging the digital skills gap

Economist Intelligence Unit: Telecommunications Canada

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