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Collection of primary source documents spanning the 16th through 20th centuries pertaining to colonial history, politics, culture and society.

Empire Online contains a vast array of primary source documents, sourced from leading archives worldwide. Spanning five centuries (16th – 20th), the collection provides users with resources to explore colonial history, politics, as well as culture and society. Empire Online provides access to a broad range of document types, which are organized into fourteen main categories: exploration journals and logs; letter books and correspondence; periodicals; official government papers; travel writing; slave papers; memoirs; fiction; children’s adventure stories; traditional/ folk tales; exhibition catalogues and guides; maps; and marketing posters. Additionally, content is organized into five major thematic sections: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969; Empire Writing & the Literature of the Empire; The Visible Empire; Religion & Empire; and Race, Class, Colonialism, Imperialism. Each of these major sections are accompanied by thematic essays—written by leading scholars—that directly relate to the primary documents. Users may refine searches by thematic section, source library, document type, and region. Advanced search feature also available.

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