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Rare journals printed between c1685 and 1835 illuminating all aspects of eighteenth-century social, political and literary life. They offer effective coverage of the important issues of the period, and are invaluable to the study of all aspects of the eighteenth century, including crime, sport, advertising, the theatre; fashion; politics, revolution; agriculture; philosophy and religion; social issues and society life. Collection II concerns itself with British and European Literature, Theatre and popular entertainment, Politics and Religion, The American and French Revolutions, Popular morality and social life, Picturesque and Landscape, The origins and rise of Romanticism, and Exoticism and imperialism. Collection III includes Canadian, Caribbean and Indian journals to allow users to explore the ways in which major world events were reported in different areas of the globe. Collection IV concerns itself with any area of eighteenth century studies, including: the industrial revolution; radicalism; politics and government; literature (British and European), and; philosophy and religion. Collection V offer a complete run of one of the greatest periodicals of the age, The Lady's Magazine (1770 to 1832), as well as other relevant titles from the period.

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