Course Resource Lists for Faculty

Course Resource Lists Information for Faculty

What is Course Resource Lists?

Course Resource Lists is an update to the Library's course reserve system that integrates with your Blackboard course site. It is the most effective way for faculty and instructors to utilize the library's online and print resources in your class while also enabling them to pull in resources from anywhere on the web. Course Resource Lists provides students with quick and easy access to course materials from a variety of devices.

    How do I submit my list?

    We know that faculty send us their resource lists in a variety of ways. So, whether you drop items at the desk, send us a word document with citations, or email us we can ensure your resource lists is available for students. 

    Using Blackboard

    From your Blackboard course site, just enable the "Library Resource List" tool link to add a link to the library resource system in your menu. Get started with our Simple Steps Guide or review the videos below.

    • Once your list is published your students can click the tool-link you added to your course site menu to access their resource list.
    • Instructors can also login and access the same list in our system independantly of Blackboard. So if Blackboard is down, or you don't have your course site yet, you can still work on your resource list.
    • Students will also be able to access their resource list in Blackboard and through Course Resource Lists on the library website.
    • Cross Listed Courses: If your course is cross listed, please until your Blackboard course sites are consolidated to submit your list.

    1. Connect your Blackboard Course to Course Resource Lists

    2. Create your Course Resource List


    3. Submit your Course Resource List to the library for processing and publishing


    Rollover: Reusing a Previous Course Resource List

    You can re-use or “roll over” a course reading list that you’ve used in a previous term. You can edit the reading lists after they are rolled over.

    Download the Roll Over guide

    1. Login to your new Blackboard course site when it is available.
    2. Add the Library Resource Link Tool Link and Launch it.
    3. When Prompted, select “Roll over reading lists from an existing course” from the reading lists options.
    4. Select the course you want to roll over.
    5. Update the Reading list name and leave the other default settings as they are and select “Roll Over”.

    Not Using Blackboard

    If your course doesn't use Blackboard, you can still submit your resource lists to the library. The Leddy Library team will create your course resource list which will be available through our website.

    What Kind of Resources can be Placed on My Reading List?

    • Online resources such as eBooks, articles and streaming Video and more.
    • Physical items in our collection or personal items that faculty or departments drop off.
    • Scanned materials such as book chapters. The library will digitize materials for you within bounds of fair dealing.
    • Copyright Clearance. If a digitization requests exceeds the fair dealing guidelines we will seek copyright clearance.
    • Purchase of new items. We may in some cases be able to purchase high demand print and electronic resources.

    Guides and Resources

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