Author Disambiguation and Orcid IDs

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What is it?

Affiliation changes, similar names, and name variations due to name changes, incorrect spellings, inconsistent use of initials, and other factors are common, and these inconsistencies can lead to uncertainty when attributing academic work to the correct author. Author disambiguation is a way to ensure that academic works are attributed correctly. This is done by using a researcher identification system, an example of which is an Orcid ID, a unique 16-digit number.

How does it help you?

Orcid IDs identify work as belonging to a particular person with more certainty than a name can. These IDs can be used across a variety of platforms, such as Scopus, Web of Science, and many open access repositories.

How do you get one?

Registration for an Orcid ID is simple, quick, and free and can be done here: