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University of Windsor Campus and Community Wellness and Support Resources

Mental Health and Emotional Wellness
Safe Spaces on Campus
Physical Wellness and Nutrition
Safety on Campus
Safety in the Community
Academic Support
Career Development and Support
Financial Support
Campus and Community Engagement

Download a PDF of all the available resources listed below: 
University of Windsor Campus and Community Wellness Resources.pdf


Mental Health and Emotional Wellness

Student Counselling Centre (on campus)
Free, confidential counselling provided by professional therapists.
CAW Student Centre Room 293
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm (closed 12:00-1:00 pm).
519-253-3000 ext. 4616
By appointment. Embedded therapists also exist in Nursing, Law, Graduate Studies, Business, and Engineering. Please contact the Student Counselling Centre’s main office (above) if you are a student in one of these faculties looking to schedule an appointment with your embedded therapist.

Peer Support Centre (on campus)
A safe, inclusive space that provides free, confidential peer counselling by trained University of Windsor student volunteers.
CAW Student Centre Room 291
Monday-Friday: 10:00 am-8:00 pm.
Fall & Winter semesters only.
Drop-in service - no appointment necessary.

Sexual Misconduct Response & Prevention Officer (on campus)
Free, confidential support and advocacy for members of the University community who have experienced sexual violence.
Dr. Dusty Johnstone -
Additional campus/community resources and information about
sexual violence/misconduct provided on website.

Sexual Assault Crisis Centre (community in-person/telephone service)
Free, confidential crisis intervention and professional counselling for individuals who have experienced sexual violence.
1770 Langlois Ave, Windsor, ON
General Phone Line: 519-253-3100
In-person support:
Walk-in for Intake/Assessment every Tuesday 12:00 pm-7:00 pm.
Counselling by appointment.
24/7 Crisis Line:

Family Services Windsor-Essex Counselling and Advocacy Centre (community in-person service)
Offers individual and group counselling, including drop-in counselling at designated times (see website). *Fee-for-service.
Monday-Saturday: Various hours -
Walk-In Counselling Hours:

Good2Talk (provincial telephone service)
Free, anonymous, confidential 24/7 helpline for Ontario postsecondary students staffed by professional counsellors.

Community Crisis Centre (community in-person/telephone service)
Free, confidential crisis intervention provided by professional crisis workers. Please visit website for information about walk-in crisis services.
24/7 Crisis Line:
(519) 973-4435

Distress Centre of Windsor-Essex County (community telephone/text/chat service)
Free, anonymous, confidential helpline that provides emotional support by trained volunteers 365 days/year. 
Distress Line:
12:00 pm (noon)-12:00 am (midnight)
Text Line:
2:00 pm – 2:00 am
Online Chat:
2:00 pm – 2:00 am

Transitional Stability Centre
Provides support and care coordination for those experiencing mental health or substance abuse challenges that are not an emergency.
For more information please 

Canadian Mental Health Association (community in-person service)
Offers a wide range of services and programs to support individuals experiencing mental health challenges. Most services are free.
1400 Windsor Avenue
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm

keep.meSAFE (remote telephone/text/chat service)
International and exchange students can also reach out to keep.meSAFE via phone, app, or online chat to receive free, confidential support from professionals in the language that is most comfortable to them.

Note: While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this document at the time of
distribution, please check websites prior to accessing services to verify service hours, contact information, and location
as changes in service provision may occur after the document revision date.  


Safe Spaces on Campus

Campus Pride Centre
A safe, supportive space for members of the LQBTQ2I+ community and their allies.
Dillon Hall Room 252
Monday-Friday: Please see Facebook page for hours.
Fall & Winter semesters only
519-253-3000 ext. 4093

Aboriginal Education Centre – Turtle Island
Provides a safe, welcoming space and supports self-identified Aboriginal students in reaching their highest potential.
CAW Student Centre Room 179
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
519-253-3000 ext. 3841

Womxn’s Centre
A feminist, pro-choice safe space that provides a welcoming environment for individuals of all backgrounds and expressions. 
CAW Student Centre Room 208
Monday-Friday: Please see website for hours.
Fall & Winter semesters only
519-253-3000 ext. 4507


Physical Wellness and Nutrition

Student Health Services (on campus)
Confidential healthcare for University of Windsor students provided by a team of physicians and nurses.
CAW Student Centre Room 242
Monday-Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm (Friday closed 1:00-2:00 pm)
By appointment. List of off-campus walk-in clinics provided on website.

Teen Health Centre (community)
Confidential healthcare, nutrition counselling, and individual/group therapy provided by a community healthcare team for youth between the ages of 12 to 24.
1361 Ouellette Avenue, Suite #101
Monday-Friday: Various hours (see website)
(519) 253-8481

Bulimia and Anorexia Nervosa Association (BANA) (community)
Provides individual and group counselling for individuals of all ages struggling with an eating disorder.
1500 Ouellette Avenue, Suite #100
Monday-Friday: 9:00 am-5:00 pm
General Phone Line: 519-969-2112
In-Take Phone Line (not crisis): 1-855-969-5530
Counselling by appointment. Drop-in in-take on Wednesdays.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre
Provides emergency care, as well as STI testing and forensic evidence collection (i.e., rape kits), up to 12 days following an assault.
Accessed through the Emergency Department of Windsor Regional Hospital Metropolitan Campus
1995 Lens Avenue
Services available 24/7

Iona/Canterbury College Food Bank (on campus)
Free for University of Windsor students. Can be accessed once every two weeks.
Canterbury College Basement
2500 University Avenue West
See website for hours.
519-253-3000 ext. 7039

UWindsor Good Food Hub (on campus)
Free services for University of Windsor students in need of access to nutritious food.
OPIRG House basement
372 California Avenue
Student Community Kitchen:

UWSA Food Pantry (on campus)
Free for University of Windsor students. See website for details.

Forge Fitness Centre & Lancer Recreation (on campus)
Fitness Centre open to all University of Windsor students. A variety of intermural sports teams and fee-based fitness/mindbody classes are also available.
St. Denis Centre
2555 College Avenue
Various hours, 7 days/week (see website)
519-253-3000 ext. 7029 or ext. 2456


Safety on Campus

EMERGENCY on campus
(519) 253-3000 ext. 4444
911 from a campus phone
Press blue light emergency button

Campus Community Police
24/7 policing service provided to the University of Windsor community. General assistance, emergencies, crime prevention, and emergency preparedness planning.
Innovation Centre (Entrance off Sunset Ave.)
2455 Wyandotte St. W.
General Inquiries: (519) 253-3000 ext 1234
Blue Emergency Poles/Buttons: Can be found in various locations across campus. Provide a direct emergency line to campus police. Emergency buttons can also be found on all campus Bell Payphones, in most campus elevators, and in various buildings/washrooms.

University of Windsor Student Medical Response Service
Emergency medical services provided by trained University of Windsor student volunteers. Campus Police will also respond to emergency medical calls.
Emergencies: (519) 253-3000 ext. 4444, 911 from a campus phone, or use any blue light phone on campus/activate nearest blue emergency button.

Free accompaniment by student volunteers when walking to your car or home from campus at night (within specified distance boundaries- contact WalkSafe for details). Available to any campus community member or visitor.
Monday-Thursday: 7:00 pm-1:00 am
If you need assistance during unstaffed hours, please contact campus police at ext. 1234.
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3504, 0 from any campus phone, or press the WalkSafe button on any campus Bell Payphone.

Working Alone Service
Free service provided by Campus Community Police to any
member of the University of Windsor community who wishes to
increase their safety while working alone on campus at night or
during weekends/statutory holidays.
Monday-Friday: 10:00 pm-7:00 am
Weekends/Statutory Holidays: 24 hours
(519) 253-3000 ext. 1234

UWindsor Safe Lancer Mobile App
Provides a variety of innovative safety features, including “chat with Campus Police,” virtual walk home, personal emergency blue light button, a loud panic button, etc. Free to download.


Safety in the Community

EMERGENCY off campus: Dial 911
TTY/TDD services provided

Non-Emergency Police Contact Information 

Windsor Police Service
150 Goyeau Street, Windsor, ON
Non-emergencies requiring police attendance: 519-258-6111
(TTY/TDD Services Provided)
To speak with an officer: 519-255-6700 ext 4000

Ontario Provincial Police
Essex County – Tecumseh, Essex, Lakeshore, Kingsville, Leamington, Pelee Island, etc.
24 hour toll free, anywhere in Ontario: 1-888-310-1122
TTY: 1-888-310-1133
Find a detachment:

LaSalle Police Service
1880 Normandy Street, LaSalle, ON
Non-Emergency: 519-969-5210

Amherstburg Police Services
532 Sandwich Street South, Amherstburg, ON
Non-emergency: 519-736-3622


Hiatus House
Provides confidential intervention to families experiencing domestic violence.
250 Louis Avenue,Windsor, ON
General Phone Line: 519-252-1143
24/7 Crisis Line: 519-252-7781
TTD: 519-252-2768
Crisis and Shelter Services available 24/7

Welcome Centre Shelter for Women & Families
Provides safe, emergency shelter to women and families experiencing homelessness. Also provides case management and housing support services.
263 Bridge Avenue, Windsor, ON

The Salvation Army Emergency Hostel for Men
Provides shelter for homeless men, along with many other services.
355 Church Street, Windsor ON
See website for more information:

Windsor Youth Centre (Monday-Saturday 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm)
Drop-in centre for homeless and at-risk youth.
1247 Wyandotte St. E, Windsor, ON


Academic Support

Student Accessibility Services
Individualized support and accommodations for students with disabilities (e.g. learning disabilities, vision/hearing/mobility impairments, chronic medical disabilities, mental health, etc.). Support provided for temporary and permanent disabilities. Student Success and Leadership Centre
Dillon Hall Room 117, lower level
Accessible entrance ramp on west side of building.
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3288; TTY: (519) 973-7091

Academic Advising
Individualized support for choosing/changing program, understanding degree requirements, adding/dropping courses, reviewing academic progress, etc. Specialized advisor is available for transfer students.
Dillon Hall, lower level
Drop-In Hours:
Monday-Friday 10:00 am-12:00 pm; 2:00 pm-4:00 pm
To schedule an appointment:
(519) 253-3000 ext. 1414

Departmental Advising
Many departments have their own faculty advisors for students.
Please contact your departmental secretary or visit for more information.

Skills to Enhance Personal Success (S.T.E.P.S.)
Free learning and study skills workshops to help you reach your academic goals and succeed in University. Topics include time management, test anxiety, note taking, reading strategies, multiple choice exams, as well as many others. 
Student Success and Leadership Centre
See website for workshop schedule and location.
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3471

Writing Support Desk
Free support for students looking to improve their academic writing. Workshops also available.
Student Success and Leadership Centre
Leddy Library, Main Floor
Various hours (see website)
Walk-ins permitted, appointments strongly recommended.
519-253-3000 ext.3472

Students Offering Support (S.O.S.)
Charity-based midterm/exam review service provided by student volunteers. Small fee for services donated to development projects in Latin America.


Career Development and Support

Career and Employment Services
Support and resources for students looking for help with resume/cover letter writing, career planning, job searches, interview preparation, volunteer opportunities, etc. Individual appointments, free workshops, peer resume clinics, online resources, networking/recruitment events, job postings, and interest/career assessments are some of the many services offered.
Co-op, Career and Employment Services
Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre Suite #100
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3895
Job postings, appointment registration, etc.:

Co-operative Education Services
Co-operative education provides students with real-world, paid work experience and opportunities to explore career options. Several faculties on campus offer co-operative education as a component of their degree programs:
For more information, contact your department or
Co-op, Career and Employment Services
Lambton Tower Room 1101
Monday-Friday: 8:30 am-4:30 pm
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3895


Financial Support

Student Awards and Financial Aid
Provides students with guidance in post-secondary financing. Scholarships are also available through this office.
Neal Education Building Room 1124 (lower level)
Monday-Friday: Hours vary
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3300

Offers financial aid for eligible post-secondary students in the form of grants and loans.


Campus and Community Engagement

Structured program offering a wide variety of volunteer and leadership opportunities that will allow you to make a difference, provide support to fellow students, and develop new skills and social connections. 
Student Success and Leadership Centre
Dillon Hall, lower level
(519) 253-3000 ext. 3289

Individual mentoring provided to first year, first generation students by upper year students in the same program/faculty to support transition to university. Includes academic workshops and social events. In you are not an incoming student, consider becoming a mentor!
Student Success and Leadership Centre
Dillon Hall, lower level
(519) 253-3000 Ext. 3468

University of Windsor Students’ Alliance
Offers over 150 student clubs and societies to get involved with on campus, as well as the opportunity to start your own club if what you are looking for doesn’t currently exist. Check out the UWSA Hub for a complete listing:

Volunteer Internship Program
Gain professional experience while giving back to the community, engaging in professional development workshops, and developing transferrable skills. Program runs Fall, Winter and Summer semesters. Must apply for admission.
Co-op, Career and Employment Services
Joyce Entrepreneurship Centre Suite #100

Co-Curricular Transcript
Allows students to document their on-campus paid/volunteer experience in an official transcript that can be presented to future employers and graduate schools. 
Student Success and Leadership Centre

University of Windsor Volunteer Website
Sign up for email notifications of volunteer opportunities on campus and in the community based on your interests and availability. Browse current opportunities online.

Website providing a database of volunteer opportunities in Windsor-Essex County.