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Varieties of Open Access

There are a variety of ways in which authors can make their research available open access. As authors you are not simply restricted to trying to use a small set of journals that may not suit your research. This video discusses the variety of options for making research available OA. More more detail information please visit

Open Access Journal
A scholarly peer reviewed journal that provides free access to digital copies of their articles online at the time of publication. Neither authors nor readers have to pay for publishing or accessing content. About 70% of open access journals are of this type. 

Open Access Journal with Article Processing Fee
A scholarly peer reviewed journal that provides free access to digital copies of their articles online at the time of publication. Authors whose works are accepted for publication are charged an article processing fee. These fees can range from 200$-5000$. These are typically larger journals that have a higher operational costs and don't charge subscriptions. They seek to recover costs through fees. These are generally eligible costs for grants.

Open Access Repository
An online research collection typically run by an institution that provides open access to a wide range of journal publications from different disciplines from authors at their institution. Authors ability to post content to an open access repository like Scholarship at UWindsor is reliant on the rights they retain or those provided to them by journals they publish in. Most major publishers make provisions for article posting for authors given the growing need for open access to research. See Sherpa/Romeo.

Hybrid Journal
A hybrid journal is not open access since it charges libraries and users a subscription fee to access their content. However, on a one-off basis it gives authors the option of paying a fee to make their work available open access. Option 3 is typically better since it can be done at no cost to authors, and again, most journals make provisions for authors to post in an open access repository. 

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