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University of Windsor Open Access Policy

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The University of Windsor is committed to disseminating the scholarly and creative works produced on its campus as widely as possible and preserving access to these works into the future. In addition to the public benefit of such dissemination, this policy is intended to serve faculty interests by promoting greater reach and impact for their work.

Momentum for open access has been growing as numerous funding agencies and institutions worldwide implement open access policies. In Canada, the recent release of the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications requires grant recipients, as of May 2015, to take steps to ensure that peer-reviewed journal publications arising from supported research are made freely accessible within 12 months of publication.

As a means of supporting campus open access initiatives, in 2012 the Leddy Library launched a digital institutional repository Scholarship at UWindsor, which is available to assist Windsor researchers in meeting the requirements of the Tri-Council (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and other funding agencies. Scholarship at UWindsor participates in national and international research infrastructure networks to ensure widespread availability of our research.


All faculty and staff are strongly encouraged to deposit digital copies of publications on which they are authors or co-authors in the Scholarship at UWindsor institutional repository. However, researchers whose work is subject to the terms of the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications will be required to deposit or make available an electronic copy of his or her publication in Scholarship at UWindsor. By doing so authors will satisfy the terms of the Tri-Council policy while at the same time aligning with the university’s efforts to provide both broad dissemination and longterm preservation for campus research publications. When depositing to Scholarship at UWindsor, authors grant the university the right to make their published articles available for open dissemination on a non-exclusive basis.


The deposited version of the work should be the final version of the author's peer-reviewed manuscript or, with publisher consent, the published version of the work. The author's peerreviewed manuscript may also be referred to as a post-print or the author’s accepted manuscript.

If a publisher requests an embargo period before making the work available in the university’s institutional repository, authors may request an embargo be placed on the work to meet this demand. Until the embargo period has passed, only the metadata for the article will appear in the institutional repository.

Full support for the deposit process is available through Leddy Library. For more information about this process please visit our help page or contact the repository administrator (