Link to Your List

You can create links to your reading list, a specific item in your list such as a book or article, or a specific section in your list anywhere from within Blackboard!

1. Copy the shareable link to the item or section of interest. For example, I can copy a shareable link to a chapter in my reading list:

Copy a link to a reading in your list

2. In your Blackboard site, create a link to the chapter anywhere you can add content. Just highlight the text you'd like to link from and select the link icon.

Adding a link in Blackboard

3. Copy and Paste the Shareable Link in the URL box. Set "Open link in..." to "New Window". Save it.

paste your link

4. A direct link to the chapter will now be available for students in this section of your Blackboard course site.

Week 1 notes link to chapter