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Remote hours of operation are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm from Monday to Friday. Please refer to our homepage and Frequently Asked Questions for the latest updates on our remote services, accessing the library building, and hours of operation. Be sure tologin to your account to access all of our resources from off-campus. Changes to our loan policies may cause issues renewing items for some users at this time. 


Software and Hardware on Leddy Computers

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe the software and hardware available on Leddy computers

Standard Software
Below is the layout of the "Start Menu" on all library workstations. This shows which software products we have and where they are found on our workstation menus.
Ease of Access
• Magnifier
• Narrator
• On-Screen Keyboard
• Speech Recognition
• Calculator
• Command Prompt
• Connect to a Network Projector
• Connect to a Projector
• Getting Started
• Math Input Panel
• Notepad
• Paint
• Remote Desktop Connection
• Snipping Tool
• Sound Recorder
• Sticky Notes
• Sync Center
• Windows Explorer
• Windows Mobility Center
• WordPad
CD or DVD Burner
• CDBurnerXP
• ImgBurn
• IrfanView
• Paint
• Photo Gallery
Internet Tools
• Google Chrome
• Internet Explorer
• Mozilla Firefox
• NoMachine
• PuTTy
• VMware Horizon Client
• Windows Live Messenger
• X-Win32
Library Resources
• Computer Problems
• Leddy Library
• Printing Help
• Software Descriptions
Math & Statistics
• Maple 17 / 2015
• R 2.11.1 /3.2.2
• SAS 9.3/9.4
• Statistica 11
Microsoft Office
• Microsoft Office Access 2013 / 2016
• Microsoft Office Excel 2013 / 2016
• Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2013 / 2016
• Microsoft Office Publisher 2013 / 2016
• Microsoft Office Word 2013 /2016
MultiMedia Applications
• Movie Maker
• Quicktime Player
• VLC media player
• Windows DVD Maker
• Windows Media Player
• 7-Zip File Manager
• Acrobat Reader DC
• Acceptable Use Policy
• Notepad ++
• PDF Tools
Specialized Software
• *Adobe CS6 Design & Web Premium - M1002 thru M1005, MB001 thru MB024
• Antidote (French grammar) - M1011 through M1014
• AutoCAD - West building basement WB001 thru WB047
• ArcView GIS - M1029, M1049 through M1054
• Beyond 20/20 Browser - M1027 through M1030
• JAWS screen reader LM010 & M1010
• Journal Citation Reports - M1028
• Math Encyclopaedia - M1029
• MATLAB - M1043 through M1054
• New Yorker Magazine - Discs at Reserve - Software on LM105
• NVivo - M1006 through M1009
• Rosetta stone - French - M1029
• Stata - M1017, M1018
• Thesaurus Linguae Latineae - M1028
• Xcode for Mac - LM109
• Zoomtext - LM110, M1043
*Adobe CS Design Premium includes
• Adobe Acrobat X Professional
• Adobe Dreamweaver
• Adobe Fireworks
• Adobe Flash Professional
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Photoshop
Academic Data Centre Software
The Academic Data Centre provides access to and support for the following specialized software on its four workstations. Note that they can only be accessed during the Data Centre's open hours. For more information, see ADC Software and Support.
• ArcView GIS 10.3 (also available on M1029)
• Beyond 20/20 Browser (also available on M1027 thru M1030)
• Stata 12 / 14
• StatTransfer 13
• NVivo Qualitative Analysis (also available on M1006 thru M1009)
• Zoomtext is installed on ADC2.
The Data Centre also supports use of SPSS, SAS and R.

Installing Software
You may install software on our PCs (appropriate to our educational environment – no games please) as long as the installation does not require a reboot, if a reboot is required the machine will lose all changes and revert to our original configuration. If you do install software please reboot the PC before you leave so that all changes you made will be removed.
Hardware Access

The Leddy Library has over 250 computers to offer its users. IT Computer Staff are available to help you with your in-library computer problems whenever the library is open. They wear blue vests reading "IT Help" and can be found on the first floor of the main building of Leddy.
• Looking for hardware?
• Accessible workstations
• Computer Accessories available for loan
• More about computers access in the Leddy Library
• Reserving a computer
Looking for Hardware?
Computers in the Leddy Library have sticker bearing names such as "LM100". If you can't find a particular computer, please ask one of our IT Staff.
• Apple Workstations: LM1009 & LM128
• DVD/CD Burners: All computers in the library
• Flatbed Scanners: LM119, M1027 thru M1030 (First Floor - Main Building)
• Floppy Disk Drive: USB External Floppy drive available at the Reserve Desk
• Microfilm Scanners: LMB04, LMB05, MB043 (Main Building Basement)
• Media Readers: Many computers have built in Media readers if not USB Media readers are available at the Reserve desk
Accessible workstations
The Library currently offers two accessible workstations in the public area.
• LM110 located adjacent the Reference Desk in the Main building, has JAWS screen reader software and the Zoomtext magnification utility along with a 23" monitor and a large print keyboard. Priority use of this workstation will be given to persons with visual disabilities. This workstation is open access and does not require a sign-in.
• M1010 located west of the Reference Desk in the Main building, has JAWS screen reader software and the Zoomtext magnification utility along with a 22" monitor and a large print keyboard. This station requires a signon and may be booked ahead of time.
There is also one accessible workstation in classroom G101A in the basement of the main library building.
• MB001 is located in Classroom G101A in the basement of the main building. This PC has Zoomtext software along with a large print keyboard.
Computer Accessories available for loan
The following items are available for loan at the Reserve counter:
• Headphones
• Ethernet patch cables
• USB Flash Drives
• USB Media Readers
• USB Mice
• Wireless laptop cards
More about computer access in the Leddy Library
The Leddy Library provides public access on over two hundred computer workstations throughout the Library. We have two main types of workstations.
• Open Access workstations: These workstations are located on the main floor of the main building near the reference desk. There is no sign on required and there are no time limits but we do ask you be considerate of others
• Secure Access workstations: These workstations are located on the main & basement floors of both the West Library and the Main Library. Sign on is required