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Overdue Fines & Fees

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe overdue fines and fees and procedures related to late and lost material

Overdue Fines
Regular Loans $0.50 per day per item to a maximum of $20.00

Course Reserve items 2hr loans: $0.05 per minute ($3.00/hr) to a maximum of $50.00
1, 3 & 7 day loans $10.00 per day to a maximum of $50.00
Non-payment of fines may result in the referral of outstanding accounts to the University Finance Office for further measures. Student library accounts must be in good standing (with $0.00 owing) before students can officially register for classes, graduate or order transcripts from the Registrar’s Office.
Overdue Fine Calculations
• fines are calculated from the due date to the date the book is checked back into the
• Leddy Library
• the “due date” will always fall on a day the library is open
• overdue fines are calculated for the days the library is open and closed
• it is the responsibility of borrowers to remember due dates on items renewed online
Lost or Damaged Items
Once an item is assigned a "lost" status due to non-return, a replacement charge of $90 plus a $20 overdue fine and a $20 processing fee will be added to the library user's patron record. If an item is returned with damage that warrants a replacement of the item, a replacement charge of $90 per item and a $20 processing fee will be added to the library user's record.
Suspension of Borrowing Privileges
Borrowing privileges will be suspended automatically under the following circumstances:
Faculty, Students, and Staff
• the borrower has fines exceeding $10.00
• the borrower has 1 or more items which have attained a “LOST” status (41+ days)
Affiliated Borrowers, External Borrowers
• the borrower has outstanding fines of any amount
• the borrower has 1 or more overdue items
• the borrower has 1 overdue “recalled” item
• the borrower has 1 or more items which have attained a “LOST” status (41+ days)
Fines Appeal Process
Fines may be appealed, with good reason, to the following persons in the order given:
• Access Services Coordinator
• Head, Access Services (in writing only)
• Associate University Librarian / University Librarian (in writing only)
• Dean, Student Affairs (please contact the dean’s office for procedures)