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Create Links to Online Resources that Work from Off-Campus

Cutting and pasting the URL (or "web address") of an online article to share through Blackboard often causes problems for students accessing the link from off-campus. Complicating matters, links taken from a browser's address bar to articles found in library research databases frequently don't work at all and if they do, they tend to expire after several hours have passed. Please follow the steps below.

(1) Links to databases and collections in our A-Z List
(2) Using a bookmarklet to create a reliable link articles and other resources that work off campus
(3) Finding and creating reliable links to articles and other resources that work off campus
(4) Creating a link from a DOI
(5) Using the Leddy Ezproxy
(6) Using a bookmarklet reload your webpage with a proxied link
(7) Reload your webpage with a proxied link when using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

Linking to Databases in our A-Z List

Most of the databases, online journals and e-books made available by subscriptions paid for by the Leddy Library are restricted to University of Windsor faculty, students and staff. For this reason, if you want to connect or link to a restricted resource from off-campus network, you must use or offer a proxied link.

Shortened Links from Leddy Library that begin with already already contain a proxied link and can will work both on campus and off. e.g. You can find these shortened links from our A to Z list of online resources.

Using a bookmarklet to create a reliable link articles and other resources that work off campus

To set it up, simply bookmark the link below in one of the following ways:

  • If your browser has a bookmarks bar or favourites bar, click and drag the link above into it;
  • Otherwise right-click the link above (or option-click on Macs) and depending on your browser’s wording select “Add to favourite” or “Bookmark This Link”

Leddy Library Linkmaker

If you’re asked to confirm you want to add it, click Yes.

To use it:

  1. Find a journal article online
  2. In your bookmarks bar, click the button
  3. A display will show the permalink for this article – copy it and paste into Blackboard or the email or other text you are sharing

The Leddy Library Linkmaker will not work on every page featuring an article or book but will work with

  • DOIs and handles
  • Leddy Library OneSearch and Catalogue
  • ebrary books / pages
  • ProQuest articles
  • Wikipedia articles
  • Wordpress pages

Creating reliable URLs to articles and other resources that work off campus

Linking to an Article

(i) Go to the library Journal list or to the library catalogue. In the search box, type in the name of the journal your article is published in and hit "Search". Click the "View It" tab for your journal and select a full text link with the appropriate date coverage as highlighted in the image below.

Links to journals in the Journal list view it tab


(ii) When you click the "Full text" link it will take you to a new page containing the issues from the journal where your aritcle is published. Select the appropriate volume and issue, then select the title of your article. This should take you to a page with the abstract and other information (as shown below). This is the page you should direct readers to.


An article landing page arrived after using Journal List

(iii) On that page you will be provided with a durable link that you can use in your course site. It will generally be referred to as a DOI (as in the image below) or sometimes a "Permalink" (as in the example above). In the case of a DOI you need to add the prefix to the front of the URL to make a useable link if it is not present. In the example below the resluting URL would be:


Example of a DOI for an article

(iv) The last step is making sure that your link works for everyone while off campus. To do so just add our ezproxy to prefix to the front of your URL as shown below. This will enable users to sign in with their UWIN ID to gain access.

Your durable link:
Our Ezprozy:
Durable link that works on and off campus:


Currently are ebooks are being loaded into the library catalogue. To access them use our ebook link ( 

Our three primary collections are (1) Scholars Portal Ebooks (2) Ebrary (3) MyiLibrary. If your book is not in one of these collections, look for the DOI or permalink.

(1) Scholars Portal (

Find your book in the collection and click on the title to open it up. Right click the "Permalink" button, then select "Copy Link Location". 

Paste your copied link, then add our Ezproxy. In this example: 

Your permalink:

(2) MyIlibrary (

Search for the title of your book. Right click on the title of your book in the search results. Select "Copy link Location" (as shown above).

Add our ezproxy to that URL

Your link:

Your permalink=

(3) Ebrary (

Links to books in Ebrary already contain the Ezproxy so you don't need to add it. Search for the title of your book. Right click on the title of your book in the search results. Select "Copy link Location".

In this example my link is "". 


Linking to a record in our Catalogue

You may find resources in our library catalogue that you wish to provide links to for your students. As before, instead of copying the URL from your browser you should use a Durable URL. In this case just click on the holdings tab, then the "Actions" menu, and finally click on "Permalink" to get a durable URL to share.


Reload your webpage with a proxied link using a bookmarklet

If the site you are visiting is one that the library has a subscription for, and you're presently off-campus and denied access, you can reload the page with the necessary proxy by using a bookmarklet.

Drag this link to your browser's toolbar: Reload and UWin


Reload your webpage with a proxied link when using an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad

For the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad, this bookmarket can be installed with a few additional steps:

  1. copy the entire line of text below:


  2. While in Safari, tap the action arrow () button at the bottom center of the screen (iPhone, iPod Touch) or to the left of the location bar (iPad) and then tap Add Bookmark. Then tap Done.
  3. To edit the bookmark,  tap the bookmarks button (the open book icon) at the bottom of the screen (iPhone) or top of the screen (iPad). Then, tap Edit.  Find the bookmark you just saved : it will be named "Links That Work From Off-Campus..." and tap it. You now need to change the URL to the text you copied in Step 1.  Tap the URL field (it begins with "http://"), then delete everything in it and paste the text you copied and then, click Done.
  4. Now, when you are using your iPhone or iPad and follow a link into a web site that the library subscribes to, just open and tap the "Links That Work From Off-Campus" bookmark and the page will reload after you athenticate with your username and password.