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Leddy Library LiveChat Privacy Policy

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This policy describes what information is collected by the chat service and how it is used.

What information is collected?

The Leddy Library uses the LiveChat ( to deliver our chat service. LiveChat keeps a transcript of every chat reference session. A copy of the transcript can be emailed to the chat recipient at the completion of the session, if requested. A copy of the transcript is stored on the server. LiveChat is a US company and you are advised that its governments, courts, or law enforcement and regulatory agencies may be able to obtain disclosure of the data through the laws of the United States.

LiveChat’s privacy policy can be found at: More information about LiveChat’s security and data storage can be found at:

What is the information used for?

We require a name so we can differentiate you from other users. If you are not comfortable providing your real name, you can enter a nickname or made-up name. We ask for an email address so you can receive a transcript of the chat if you would like and so we can follow up your question, if requested. These transcripts may be used to evaluate and improve the service. Transcripts will be deleted from the LiveChat servers approximately every 12 months.

Who has access to this information?

The information collected by the Library is only accessible to Leddy Library staff and staff associated with the LiveChat service. Individual chats including information about specific individuals (e.g. names, email addresses) that might be included as part of a chat transcript will not be shared outside of the Leddy Library by Leddy Library staff. Statistics generated from chat logs may be used for reports or publications.

Level of Service

The chat reference service is primarily intended for the students, faculty, staff and affiliates of the University of Windsor. While we do our best to help users with their queries, more complex questions may need to be discussed in person at the Library. We will try to provide you with initial suggestions to get you started.

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