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Graduate Study Carrels: Rules and Regulations

Assignment of a study carrel is a privilege given to full-time graduate students of the University community who meet established criteria among which is the assumption of extensive and continuous use of a study. Infrequent occupancy may result in the withdrawal of the privilege in order that another applicant’s demonstrated need may be met. The following regulations set out the minimum requirements of the Library for successful and fair operation of the program for the assignment of studies. It is the responsibility of the carrel holder to renew their room key each year for the continuous use of the carrel

  • Only the student to whom the graduate carrel is assigned should utilize that carrel. This room or its key is not transferable to anyone but the person this room is leased to. Any disregard for this rule will mean immediate withdrawal of privileges.
  • Reasonable standards of quiet should be observed to avoid disturbing other library patron.
  • Non-Circulating library materials should not be kept in carrels.
  • Only circulating materials that are signed out to the carrel holder may be held in carrels.
  • The University Library reserves the right to examine University Library property in the graduate study carrel to ensure that the library materials are signed out to the carrel holder. Library material not properly signed out will be returned to their normal location in the collection.
  • A student who is assigned a carrel by the library is responsible for damage or loss of carrel furniture provided by the library and for physical damage to the carrel itself.
  • The library does not provide security for personal property of patrons and is not responsible for the loss of or damage to personal belongings stored in the carrel except when such loss or damage is due to the negligence of library staff.
  • The carrel is assigned for the purpose of quiet study only. No smoking, eating or cooking is allowed in the carrel.
  • The carrel is available for use during the hours of opening of the library. You are asked to leave the study room when the closing announcement is sounded 15 minutes before closing.
  • Nothing is to be attached to the walls or window of the study. Safety regulations require that the glass panel on the door is not covered.
  • The key to the study carrel, issued by the Library, is the property of the University and may not be duplicated.
  • A refundable deposit of $50.00 cash is left for the key at the Circulation Desk. A replacement charge of $50.00 is made for a lost key.
  • At the discretion of the Head, Access Services Department or designate, any breach of the above regulations constitutes sufficient cause of termination of a student’s right to a graduate carrel. Further, if a situation arises concerning the use of graduate carrels by a student which in any way disrupts the efficient operation of the University Library, that student may lose his/her graduate carrel privileges after a warning by the Head of Access Services or designate.