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Find a Specific Article

Three different ways to track down an article from a reference

This is a reference. It is a stylized way to briefly describe the information you need to find a particular article, book, or other work:

Gackenbach, Jayne, Mycah Darlington, Mary-Lynn Ferguson, and Arielle Boyes. 2013. “Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection: A Replication and Extension.” Dreaming 23 (2): 97–111.

When you are familiar with references or citations you know that you can read the above as:

In the 2nd issue of 23rd volume of a journal titled "Dreaming," there is an article called “Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection: A Replication and Extension” written by Jayne Gackenbach, Mycah Darlington, Mary-Lynn Ferguson, and Arielle Boyes that can be found on pages 97 through 111 and this article was published in 2013.

Citations and references are written in a variety of different styles depending on the discpline of the scholar. 

This page will describe three methods by which you can find an article when you have a specific citation or reference at hand.

1. Use Leddy Library's OneSearch to track down an article from a reference

On the front of the Leddy Library's web site is a search box that provides a quick way to search much (but not all) of the scholarly research we make available for our campus community.

  • You can type or "copy and paste" the title from your reference or citation into the search box to find the "full text" of the reference:

screen capture of title being searched in the library search box

  • We can recognize the article from our citation at the top of the list of results:

screen capture of search results

  • Click on View It to find the link to the article

screen capture of primo search page with link

  • Click on PsycARTICLES to open the article to download or read

screen capture of article

2. Use Google Scholar to track down an article from a reference


3. Use the "Journal List" to track down an article from a reference

You can also look for this citation by searching for the location of the journal that contains this article

Gackenbach, Jayne, Mycah Darlington, Mary-Lynn Ferguson, and Arielle Boyes. 2013. “Video Game Play as Nightmare Protection: A Replication and Extension.” Dreaming 23 (2): 97–111.
The video below (2:41) demonstrates how to use the Leddy Library's Journal List to find the above article. You can also choose to read the instructions below it.

The Journal List is a collection of print and electronic journals.

As mentioned above, the main use for this feature would be if given a citation and trying to find a specific article. Even if there is no citation but the name of the journal, article title, volume and issue are known, then the Journal List can still be used. (It is not advised to use the Journal List as a means to search for new articles.)

screen capture of where the journalist link is on the leddy home page

  • Use the search box at the top of the Journal List page to search the name of the journal and the results will display.

screen capture of journal list

  • Using the example citation provided at the top of the page, these are the results displayed for the journal Dreaming. The “View It” tab will display how it can be accessed online providing various links to the journal. In many cases there will be more than one link to the same journal because they are found in different research platforms or databases. The journal will be the same but the years covered might be different. In our example, we will click of 'Scholars Portal'.

screen capture scholars portal journal page


  • Since this journal gives us the option to search within the journal, the simplest way to find the article would be to search for the article title.

screen shot of article search in journal page

  • Some journal pages will not present you this option. In these instances you will need to refer to your citation or reference to use the date and volume and issue information. In our example, we know the article is from 2013, volume 23, issue 2. So using this information, we will navigate the page to find a link to show the material from this time

screenshot of browsing by date

Once you find a table of contents for the issue in your citations, read through the list until you find your article:

table of contents


Finding an article that is within a printed journal in the Leddy Library

As elsewhere in the search interface, electronic and print information is distinguished by the “View It” tab versus the “Holdings” tab. In some cases, a journal may be available in both electronic and print form.

For example, we see this below with The British Journal of Social Work.

journal list screen capture of print holdings

Print issues of The British journal of social work can be found in the West Building of the Leddy Library at the shelf address of HV1. B75.

Using this guide of Call Number Locations, we now know that the journal can be found on the 2nd floor of West Building of the Leddy Library.