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Fun Chemistry Stuff

Here are some additional resources that you might find useful in your chemistry studies and research, or that you might want to explore just for fun!

  • On This Day in Chemistry
    The Royal Society of Chemistry has put together a calendar of featuring important events in chemistry for each day of the year.
  • Periodic Videos
    From the University of Nottingham, this website features a short video for each of the elements in the period table. The website also includes films about other areas of chemistry, latest chemistry news and adventures away from the lab.
  • Periodic Table
    The Royal Society of Chemistry’s interactive periodic table features history, alchemy, podcasts, videos, and data trends across the periodic tables.
  • ChemTube3D
    This website, from the University of Liverpool, contains interactive 3D animations and structures, with supporting information, for some of the most important topics covered during an undergraduate chemistry degree.
  • Sixty-Four Free Chemistry Databases
    List compiled by Rich Apodaca and featured on his blog.
  • WolframAlpha for Chemistry
    Computational knowledge engine that answers factual questions by computing the answer, rather than providing a list of results that could contain the answer, as a search engine would. Some features required a paid subscription.


Research Guide created by Tanis Schumilas, April 2018