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Find Articles on a Topic

Using Leddy Library's One Stop Search

screenshot of leddy front page with OneSearch

The One Stop Search allows the user to search for articles within journals. However, it does not contain every article available. If you want to be certain that you are covering your subject area, it would still be best to go to your subject database. One Stop Search is a good place to start to see the resources that exist for your topic. For example, if we search ‘sociological theory’ in One Stop Search a variety of different materials come up. There are journals, books, articles, reference material and more.

screenshot one stop search results for sociological theory

Along the left-hand side, it is possible to narrow down the giant pool of resources using different facets such as resource type – perhaps you’re only looking for journal articles, subject, year etc… If the search is refined, the facets applied will be visible at the top of the page. To remove them and go back to the original search, simply click the x.

When an article has been found, click “View It” to obtain online access. Doing so, will lead to links for the full text versions of these resources. The details tab will provide more information regarding how it has been catalogued. In the details tab there are subjects listed, clicking on one of the subjects will pull all the resources related to that specific subject.


Using Scholarly Research Tools from the Leddy Library

screenshot of Journal Articles and Research Tools

The Leddy Library subscribes to scholarly research and scholarly research discovery tools that are collectively worth millions of dollars.

From the persistant menu item Journal Articles and Research Tools, you can access these materials by subject, by format and in one long alphabetical list of material.

For example, if you were interested in essays written about a particular theatrical play, you would click on Dramatic Art to find a variety of resources where you could find scholarly material about plays as well collections of plays.

screencapture of the dramatic art page

Each discpline relies on their own scholarly literature and tools to discover that literature. If you are having difficulty in your research it might be because what you are search for can be more readily found elsewhere. If you are ever feeling frustrated in your research, please feel free to consult with your subject librarian or contact the Leddy Library Reference Desk for assistance.