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Geospatial Data: World

The following list outlines frequently-requested worldwide geospatial data held at the Leddy Library and available online.

CD-ROMs in the Leddy Library

  • Global GIS database - Digital Atlas of Central and South America: contains a digital atlas of the countries of Central and South America. This atlas is part of a global database compiled from USGS and other data sources at a nominal scale of 1:1 million. Includes free GIS software, or may also be used with ESRI's ArcView software. Customized ArcView tools, specifically designed to make the atlas easier to use, are also included.
  • Global Historical Climatology Network (GHCN): contains surface station observations of monthly temperature, precipitation, and sea level pressure data from over 30,000 stations located across the world. The data is sorted by region, country, station, parameter, year, and month.

Geospatial Data Portals - International

Online Access to Other International Datasets

Many other international datasets are available from various online recourses. Select one of the links below to access some popular geospatial data at the country and the world levels.