Using Omni

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Omni offers enhanced discovery and delivery of information resources at the University of Windsor, our partner institutions, and beyond. Stay tuned for additional features which will follow in 2020. Announced on Oct. 30 as part of the Collaborative Futures initiative, Omni is a result of the ongoing collaboration between members of the Ontario Council of University Libraries (OCUL). 

Your Omni Library Account

To access their library account users can click the "Sign In" link from any page within Omni. 

Logging into My Account allows you to:

  • Request or recall items for pickup
  • Check loans, due dates, and fines
  • Save items to and your favourites list
  • View search history
  • Create alerts

Omni My Account displaying loans, requests, fines

Basic Search Tips

Omni can search different domains:

  • UWindsor's physical and online resources
  • UWindsor's physical resources (Leddy & Law)
  • UWindsor + Omni Libraries: adds physical holdings of the 13 partner university libraries
  • Add results beyond: academic e-resources outside of Windsor's collection. Order through interlibrary loan.

Search Tip


AND is assumed between words fish (AND) pollution (AND) lakes
Quotations for phases "great lakes"; "health science"
Synonyms OR between related words; habitat OR ecosystem
Exclude words NOT to exclude terms; gambling NOT lottery
Alternate word endings * for unlimited characters, especially used for word endings; cultur* for culture, cultural, and culturally
Wildcard characters ?  for single character wildcard; wom?n for woman, women
Brackets to group terms Shakespeare (sonnet OR tragedy); "climate change" (ecosystem* OR habitat*) Ontario

Favourites, Permalinks, Citations

Omni allows you to easily save items to your favourites list, share reliable permalinks, and export results to common citation formats like APA.

  • Resources you discover can be saved to your favourites list by clicking the pin icon 
  • Selecting the Citation icon allows you to export search results in common formats like APA
  • You can export to bibtext, RIS, Endnote and other bibliographic manager formats
  • You can email resources you discover to share
  • You can print results

Omni item record with buttons to permalink, export, and citation

Search Other Omni Libraries

Omni allows you to discover resources at other Ontario universities and can quickly connect you to our interlibrary loan service.

When you begin to type in your search results, you can select the scope of your search. This can include

  • UWindsor Libraries (Leddy & Law)
  • UWindsor Libraries + Other Omni Libraries across the province
  • UWindsor Libraries Catalogue only for physical items only

Search different library collections by selecting a search scope.

To view items available from other libraries, just use the "Other Omni Libraries" facet. You can then review the items that match your search at other libraries.
List of other universities and number of items held matching the search keywords

Ask Us!

If you have any questions please let us know via chat, email or phone.