Using the Leddy Library

In Canada, academic libraries use an open-stack system. This means that you can directly access the books and other physical resources. Librarians can help you find what you need,  but you will go to the shelves to get what you need and bring to the information desk by the library entrance. Each book is given a call number, or an ID that is printed on the side of the book. This number will show you where the book is located. Since books on the same subject are shelved together, you can easily browse once you are in the stacks.

Librarians at the Reference desk are there to help you identify what you need so please don’t hesitate to ask. They can show you, step by step, how to search the catalogue or a relevant database for your assignments and research.

For detailed instructions on how to find a book, please watch this tutorial:



Click here for the Leddy library call number floor map:

On the Leddy website, you will find two different options for finding a book: the One Stop Search bar on the main page, and the Library Catalogue. Please watch the following short tutorials for tips on how to use our Library Catalogue and One Stop Search here:

After you find a book, you will need to take it to the information desk located on the first floor by the library doors and use your student card to check out the book.