Single/Group Study Rooms

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe the procedure for booking the four small study rooms

The goal of the Library Study Rooms Booking Policy is to provide fair and equitable access to a limited resource. Advanced booking of the rooms is limited to students to accommodate the single and/or small group, self-directed learning requirements of their programs.

All 4 study rooms are pre-bookable. Bookings can be arranged in person or by phone (X3402) during library hours.

Any requests to book group study rooms should be recorded on the “Single/Group Study Room Booking Sheet”. These sheets will be kept in a binder next to the “Rules and Regulations” sheets for single/group study room use. Please mark the chart from the time of the beginning of the room booking to the end, in the appropriate date column. Write the surname and student number of the student doing the booking.
Place students cards in slots in the plastic sheet provided.

• Single/Group study room users must be considerate of other library patrons. The room should be left in the same condition that it was found. The door should be locked when the room is vacated.
• Study rooms are for quiet discussion; students using the rooms for purposes other than quiet study will be asked to leave.
• Study rooms should not replace classrooms.
• Rooms can take 1 – 4 people.
• If all members of the group do not show up for a booking after 10 minutes of the reserved start time, the room will be available for a new group booking or informal use. Any unused time cannot be claimed for future use.
• We have 4 informal rooms which are used on a first come first served basis.
• Failure to observe room booking and general Library policies may result in a suspension of room booking privileges.
• Any questions or concerns should be directed to the circulation desk in person or by phone at 519-253-3000 x3402.

(Exceptions to the rule)

Study rooms can be booked by Faculty or staff by pre-arrangement with the department coordinator or library assistants.