Services for Persons with Disabilities

Services for persons with disabilities

The Leddy Library is committed to providing access for all of our students. To this end we liaise with the University of Windsor's Student Disability Services office. Students with particular needs are advised to contact Student Disability Services in order to take advantage of the services provided.

For assistance in the library contact Jennifer Soutter at extension 3186.

Access to the Library

The Leddy Library occupies two buildings and is accessed via the entrance on the south side of the main building. The entrance is ramped to facilitate wheelchair access. Inside, all floors in both library buildings are serviced by elevators. The two buildings are connected by a walkway on the first and second floors. In the main building, the elevators face the Reference Help Centre desk on the north side of the main stairway. In the west building, the elevator is located on the west wall beside the main stairway. Wheelchair accessible washrooms are located on the basement floor in both buildings.

Retrieval of Materials

Students who need help identifying and retrieving materials from library stacks should ask for assistance at the Reference Help Centre. Staff there should be able to accommodate requests for a small number of items on a needs basis. If the number of items is greater than 5, or the staff are occupied, please contact Jennifer Soutter.

Computers & Technology

The Library operates more than 200 computer terminals. Most of these terminals are dedicated to Catalogue access but they also provide internet browsers and wordprocessing software. The library also has a group of Scholar terminals that provide a wider range of applications software. For both the Catalogue and Scholar terminals, there are a number of stations designated for wheelchair access.

Accessible workstations

The Library currently offers two accessible workstations in the public area

LM110 is located north of the Information Desk in the Main building. It has JAWS screen reader software and the Zoomtext magnification utility along with a 19" monitor and a large print keyboard. Priority use of this workstation will be given to persons with visual disabilities. This workstation is open access and does not require a sign-in.

M1043 is located north of the Information Desk in the Main building. It has JAWS screen reader software and the Zoomtext magnification utility along with a 19" monitor and a large print keyboard. This station requires a signon and may be booked ahead of time.

The Learning Annex

Location of Equipment

Assistive Technology / Devices

The Leddy Library is home for the Computer Annex (room G104) on the basement floor of the main building. The Annex provides access technology for students and is operated by Student Disability Services. Use of the Annex is arranged through their office. (Details)

Obtaining Alternate Format Materials

Students requiring alternate format materials from Leddy Library can contact Jennifer Soutter with their requests.

Student who have received a token to access the Accesible Content E-portal "ACE" database can do so here:

Students registered with Student Disability Services, who have been approved to have materials in alternate format, can contact SDS.