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What is it?

Scholarship at UWindsor is an open access repository where University of Windsor researchers can store their journal articles, papers, theses, and other scholarly work and make them accessible to anyone online.

Author Dashboard

The author dashboard contains information and statistics related to the author's body of work on Scholarship at UWindsor.

What can it tell you?

The author dashboard displays a map of readership distribution, as well as statistics on downloads by institution, country, and referrers, and for each individual work.


Altmetrics are alternative ways to measure the impact of a researcher's work, in an effort to recognize that a researcher's impact can go beyond the number of citations their work receives. There is no specific definition of altmetrics; they refer to a wide group of non-traditional methods of measuring interaction with a work including

  • Downloads and views
  • Bookmarking
  • Comments
  • Social media interactions (shares, retweets, likes, etc.)

The Scholarship at UWindsor site has included altmetric counts, located in the author dashboard. These include a map showing readership distribution and the number of downloads (by country, institution, referrer, and for each work).

Leddy's Altmetrics/Alternative Metrics guide contains more information on altmetrics and unique IDs for researchers. Plum Analytics is an organization that specializes in altmetrics.