Revising Your Research Result Summaries Submission

Making Revisions to your Research Result Summaries Submission

Researchers can edit their submissions until they change the submission status field to 'Completed Summary' from 'Draft Summary' and submit the changes. You can revise your Draft Summary submission at any time. You don't need to create a new submission to make changes. 

(1) You can edit your submission immediately after you submit by clicking on the Revise Submission button. If you want to revise your submission at a later time, skip to (2).

Revise your submission

(2) You can edit your submission anytime by checking your submission confirmation email and following the instructions there OR by logging into Scholarship at UWindsor, clicking on your Research Results Summary submission title on your My Account page, and then clicking on Revise Submission.

Selecting your submission in my account

Revise your submission