UWinCARD – general information

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe policies related to the UWinCARD

The UWinCARD (formerly known as the student card) may now be used for many different services on campus. In the library, patrons are now able to pay for computer printing and photocopying using their UWinCARD.

Cash may be added to the UWinCARD in the following locations:

• UWinCARD Add Value Machines at Leddy Library (main floor) and the Computer Centre
• cash or debit at the UWinCARD Office (basement of the CAW Student Centre)
• online-Real-Time credit card deposits via U. of W. student portal
• via phone app

Cash deposited on the UWinCARD can be used for:

• Network printing in the Leddy Library & IT Services & H.K.
• Photocopying in the Leddy Library
• Any food service location
• Card accessed vending machines on campus: Vanier Hall lower level, Cartier, Williams Coffee Pub (Leddy Library) and The Gavel (Law Building)
• Bookstore purchases
• Wireless printing

Please note if a student has money on their card due to the fact they have purchased a campus meal plan, this money is completely separate and cannot be used for printing.

Change of Information, Lost or Stolen Cards
• Library users must report changes in phone number to the Circulation desk immediately
• library users must report lost / stolen UWinCARD or library cards to the Leddy Library IMMEDIATELY
• library users will be responsible for all materials charged out on a lost or stolen card (and all fines resulting from those charges) until the date the card is reported stolen to the Leddy Library.

NOTE: If you have previously been issued a University of Windsor Student Card (now known as a UWinCARD) or if you have been issued a Library Card and have remained enrolled for every semester since, this card will remain active and you will not require or be entitled to another Library Card.