Music/Multimedia Collection

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe circulation policies for the music/multimedia collection

Vinyl LPs

Collection: Approximately 8,000 LPs
Location: Available in cabinets on the east wall of the Media Centre beyond the microfilm
Call Numbers: Shelved in sequential accession numbers on labels attached
Index: Card catalogue available in Media Centre (for now); these LP's are not in OPAC and although there is a database, it needs some clean-up before it can be used

Circulation: LPs do not circulate - except to faculty members in the Faculty of Music. LPs are neither barcoded nor in the online catalogue, therefore manual circulation by staff is required when faculty borrow.

Equipment: Five (5) turn-tables are available and operational in the Media Centre.
Security: LP covers have tattle-tape inside the covers that work with our system

Music CDs in the Leddy Library

Collection: Approximately 1000 music audio discs [CDs]
Location: Open access on display units in the Media Centre in security cases; Some CDs
remain in the Media Centre office due to lack of security case (odd size).
Assistance from staff available from Media Centre Staff or circulation Staff all
hours the library is open.
Call Numbers: shelved by sequential accession numbers

Circulation: FACULTY: CDs circulate to all Faculty members (only – not staff)
3-day loan with one (1) renewal; term loan with 5-day recall

STUDENTS: CDs may circulate to students ONLY under the following
1. in-house use only
2. when media centre office is closed
3. 2-hour loans only, with 1 renewal
4. limit of 10 CDs at one time

Security: All CDs in the public areas are in security cases. A key to unlock the case is
available in the Media Centre office or at the Circulation counter. Security
cases are tattle-taped. Users must leave their ID when they have staff
remove the security case for in-house use.
Equipment: Six (6) personal CD players with headphones are available from the Media
Centre office. Users will be asked to leave their student card if they borrow a CD
or walkman. Users can also use CD drives on computers throughout the library.

Cassettes from Faculty of Music (only):

Collection: 83 music cassettes
Location: Filing cabinet in Media Centre, which will remain locked
Call Numbers: Shelved by sequential accession numbers
Index: All cassettes will have an entry in the OPAC

Circulation: Cassettes circulate only to faculty members in the Faculty of Music.
3-day loan with 1 renewal applies

Security: Cassettes are in locked cabinet. Assistance from staff to access cassettes upon
request. Key is in Media Centre office on a key ring. Cassettes are not tattle-
taped, therefore users will be asked to leave their ID card when they borrow one
for in-house use.
Equipment: One (1) cassette player is available for use in the Media Centre.

Video / DVD Collection:

Collection: 2,600 videos / 1100 DVDs
Location: Open shelving, Media Centre (Basement Main Library)
Call Numbers: Shelved by sequential accession numbers
Index: All videos and DVDs have full bibliographic records in the OPAC

Circulation: Videos & DVDs may circulate to all persons with a valid library card.
3-day loan with 1 renewal; term loans available for faculty, staff and grad
students with a 5-day return requirement upon generation of a recall notice

Security: All videos & DVDs are in security cases. Keys to unlock security cases are located in the Media Centre and at the Circulation desk. Users wishing to view videos / DVDs in-house are required to leave identification with staff in Media Centre office or at the Circulation Desk.

Equipment: Three (3) VHS players and four (4) DVD players are available in the Media Centre. DVDs may also be played on computers throughout the library.