Distance Education Students – library card

Purpose and Scope: 
To explain the procedure for Distance Education students to activate or to obtain a library card

Library Cards
Distance education students with a University of Windsor student card must activate their card in the library system before they have access to our resources. They must send an email to leddylibrary@uwindsor.ca which includes their name, U. of W. student number, mailing address, telephone number and library barcode on the back of their student card.

If they do not have a student card they can request a library card by sending an email to leddylibrary@uwindsor.ca. Again they must include their name, U. of W. student number, mailing address and telephone number.

Note: If they have previously been issued a University of Windsor Student Card or if they have been issued a Library card and have remained enrolled for every semester since, this card will remain active and they will not require or be entitled to another Library Card.