Computer Use - acceptable

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe Leddy Library’s “Acceptable Use Policy”

In keeping with the University of Windsor’s policy on the acceptable use of computing resources on campus as articulated in the Acceptable Use Policy issued through Information Technology Services, the use of computing resources to display the following is deemed unacceptable:

Computer information that portrays men, women or children or their body
parts in a pornographic or derogatory manner.

Further, in keeping with the Leddy Library’s Library Behaviour Code:

Library users are required to show consideration for the rights of others and should behave in a manner which does not inconvenience, offend, or limit the rights of other users to have access to library materials, services or facilities.

Procedures for Enforcement of the Acceptable Use Policy in Leddy Library

Leddy Library staff will respond swiftly and directly upon receipt of a complaint regarding patron use of computing resources for the purposes outlined above, by using the following procedures:

1. Upon receipt of a complaint, library staff should either convey or direct the complainant to one of the following people:

a. Department Head or Coordinator (Days)
b. Library Assistant (Evenings)
c. Librarian on duty at Reference Desk (Weekends or evenings)
d. Circulation staff (other)
e. Campus police

who will then approach the patron in question and inquire as to their status on campus (student, faculty, staff or non-affiliated).

2. If the patron identifies him/herself as a member of the campus community, the staff member will inform her/him of the complaint received, review the library policy and will ask that s/he either cease viewing the offending materials, or move to a more private location to continue working if the work is legitimately research-oriented;

3. If the patron identifies him/herself as not affiliated with the university, the staff member will inform her/him of the complaint received, review the library policy and will instruct the user to cease viewing the offending materials;

4. If, in either case, the patron refuses to comply with the staff member’s request to either move or cease viewing the materials, library staff may inform them that Campus Police will be called, and may proceed to contact Campus Police if compliance is not immediately forthcoming.