Mission Statement

windsor coat of arms

The Leddy Library is an integral participant in the delivery of academic programmes and the pursuit of research at the University of Windsor. For its primary user group of students, faculty, and staff it:

  1. provides timely and ready access to the world's knowledge and information
  2. develops and preserves collections with emphasis on the University's chosen areas of focus, and
  3. provides a learning environment which enables the pursuit and creation of knowledge

Core Values

In support of the Library's mission, and within the context of the mission of the University of Windsor, the Leddy Library articulates the following core values to serve as a foundation for our services for and interactions with students, faculty, staff, and the local community.

  • We value a learner-centred environment that is responsive to changing information needs and expectations.
  • We value open and equitable access to information and information resources that support and promote intellectual freedom and inquiry. Further, we respect the privacy and dignity of our staff and the individuals we serve.
  • We recognize and celebrate the diversity of the University of Windsor community, and we value and encourage tolerance and respect for all.
  • We value a physical environment that is welcoming and respectful of the needs of all individuals and populations we serve.
  • We value collaboration and communication on the University of Windsor campus, and with national and international academic and library communities.
  • We value collegiality, staff participation and development, and a commitment to service excellence.
  • We value the provision of a caring and supportive culture that recognizes the importance of personal growth and lifelong learning for all students, faculty, and University and Library staff.

All members of the Library's administration, librarian complement, and staff will demonstrate a commitment to these values in all their day-to-day activities.