Microfilm Reader/Scanners

Purpose and Scope: 
To provide information about the microfilm reader/scanners and describe procedures for their proper use.

There are 3 microfilm reader/scanner computers available in the reading room for use by patrons. Unlike the reader/printers, these do not have coin-operated machines attached to make photocopies from the microfilm. The new machines (computers) scan a digital image from the microfilm, and users can either send the image to the network laser printer to be printed, or save it to their email or to a USB drive.

How to use:

-turn scanner on first
-turn computer on second

-insert film roll on post provided, or insert fiche (face down) between the glass plates
-film from rolls must go under the spools and between the glass plates
-manually attach film from roll to take-up spool
-to make necessary image adjustments as required, to ensure you have a clear image:
-use focus and zoom wheels
-use rotation knob
-move glass plate forward and backward, or side to side
-to advance film as required:
-use button for slow or fast forward or backward movement
-open the glass plates to allow for faster film movement

-magnification lenses: there are 2 different magnification lenses on the 3 reader/scanners:
-2 lenses magnify 13 – 27 X
-1 lense magnifies 9 1 16 X
-lenses are interchangeable between reader/scanners

-click on “MicroSoft Office Document Imaging” icon (centre bottom of screen)
-click on “File”, then “Scan New Document”
-click on “Scan” button
-this will reveal the set-up screen
-ensure that
-resolution is at 400
-film type is at positive (this is what is usually required)
-scan area is at 8 ½ X 11
-click on “Scan”
-after scanning image, set up next image to be scanned
-then click “Continue”
-it is best to do about 20 image scans at a time (no more) before saving, to ensure that the
copies are clear and centered
-note: if the set-up screen is left sitting too long, the scan area will change, affecting the quality
of the scans
-the preview screen is beneath the “Continue” screen, and can be viewed by moving the
screen on top
-when finished scanning, click “Done”
-there are “+” and “–“ zoom buttons above the scanned image to enhance viewing


-to print:
-click “File”, then “Print”

-to send to email or to save on a USB drive:
-don’t save – make a PDF
-click on “File”, then select “Print”
-click on arrow box and select “Bullzip PDF Printer”
-click on “O.K.”, then click on “Save”
-click on “File”, then select “Save a Copy”
-choose where you want to save it
-for email, save to “My Documents”
-to save on USB drive, select desired disc drive
-name file
-click on “Save”

-to save to email, open email, make an attachment and email attachment to self

(Exceptions to the rule)

Please be aware that when a scanned image is sent to the laser printer, it requires a lot of memory and tends to slow down the queue of documents – so complaints that the laser printer isn’t working may be heard from students.