Met Hospital School of Nursing Digital Archive Launched

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As a result of a collaboration between Steven Palmer, the Canada Research Chair in History of International Health, and the Archives of the Met Campus of Windsor Regional Hospital, the Leddy Library and have helped create an online presence for The Archive of the Metropolitan School of Nursing, Windsor, Ontario (1954-1974). Many thanks to Dr. Palmer in the Department of History and everyone else involved with this project. The Archive is part of the library's Centre for Digital Scholarship collection and is hosted at Scholars Portal, a service of the Ontario Council of University Libraries.

The materials documenting the Metropolitan School of Nursing were assembled and annotated in four binder volumes by Kathleen "Kay" Moderwell, who was the director of the school from 1960 to 1974. These archival "scrapbooks" render the life of the school from its founding in 1954 until the transition that saw all hospital-based Ontario nursing education moved to the community colleges in the early 1970s.

Take some time to browse through a part of our local history."