Loan Periods and Fines for Major Patron Groups

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe the loan periods and fines for major patron groups borrowing from Leddy Library

External Borrowers will be held financially responsible for any damage to Library materials. External Borrowers will not be issued a new library card until ALL outstanding charges have been paid.

It is the responsibility of every borrower to return library materials by the due date, to respond to Library notices, and to keep the Library informed of a current address. A notice sent by the Library to the address on file will be deemed to have been received by the borrower.


(Exceptions to the rule)

In the event that a library user is delinquent under the terms of the Library's lending regulations, the following sanctions will apply to all categories of library users:

  1. Borrower privileges will be suspended automatically under the following circumstances.
    1. The borrower has three (3) items which are overdue
    2. The borrower has an item which is twenty-one (21) days overdue
    3. The borrower has outstanding fines.
    4. The borrower has outstanding charges for any damage to Library materials.

Leddy Library reserves the right to withhold or withdraw borrowing privileges at any time.

Non-payment of any account may result in the referral of an outstanding account to the University of Windsor's Department of Finance for further measures.

All loans are subject to recall.