Librarians, Open Access, and Digital Initiatives

Making the Building Blocks of Research Free to the World

Much of the work that we do at the Leddy Library revolves around making journal articles, books, data, and information freely available for the world to use. This is all part of the lirbary's commitment to open-access. Making a work, or a dataset available open access means that people who would otherwise be unable to use, learn, and benefit from the work are now able to. It means that the researchers who produce the work can reach the largest possible audience and that their work will have the greatest possible impact. It means that publically funded research remains accessible to the public. This can benefit developing countries, not-for-profits, government organizations and even interested memebers of the public. This video series is intended to informally discuss different aspects of this work with librarians at Leddy Library. It is a chance to get to know them, and more about the work they do. We hope the series continues to grow as we have the chance to talk to more people. Special thanks to co-op student Yayo Umetsubo for her work on video editing.

The History of Open Access at Windsor with Joan Dalton

Open Access and Scholarship at UWindsor with Dave Johnston

Open Data Initiatives with Kristi Thompson

Making Books Free! with Mita Williams