Leddy Library User Experience Guide


  • the Leddy Library web site must comply with the design standards set by the Office of Public Affairs
  • whenever possible, do not copy and paste directly from other web pages, as that will carry over the formatting from that page. Instead, paste into Notepad and copy the text from there and add links and style in the Drupal page. Or use the paste from Word icon.
  • use tables to present tabular data; do not use tables to layout your page, if you would like to add a navigation menu, please contact the leddy webteam (leddyweb@uwindsor.ca) and we can do this for you
  • avoid uploading Word documents or PDFs. If they are unavoidable, indicate in your link text that they are a given file format by adding [pdf] or [.doc] at the end of the link e.g.   My pre-print paper [pdf] You may also add an icon to illustrate file types:
    • Microsoft Word  :   x-office-document.png
    • Adobe PDF : Application pdf icon application-pdf.png


  • add your page to the Main Menu structure when completed. Otherwise, your page will not appear in the Sitemap
  • urls are generated from the title of the page. If you have special characters (like an apostrophe) in the title of your page, they should be removed from the url manually
  • do not duplicate content already found on the Leddy Library website; instead, link to it, ideally using the "other" option and linking only to the name generated by the URL Path Setting created upon saving your page
  • external links should have a target set to "new window"
  • if you are advertising an event, please add it to the University of Windsor's Event Calendar as well as the Leddy blog


  • All images must have alt attributes. Describe the image, don’t just repeat the filename.


  • Do not change the font-type, size or colour; text should be "Normal"
  • Use H2 for headings and H3 and H4 for sub-headings. Do not use H1: that is reserved for the page title
  • Headings should be capitalized
  • Underlined text on a web page looks like a link and should be avoided where possible. Bold text is a better way to get attention. Avoid ALL CAPS
  • Underlines are added dynamically with a mouse-over. Please don't manually add underlines as too many underlined links on a page becomes distracting to the eye
  • Do not create your own page separators. Use the "Insert Horizontal Line" option in the Body field; Not "*******"
  • Use bullets for lists


  • Write for the web
  • rewrite text to avoid links that read "click here"
  • When linking at the database level, use the Leddy Library shortened links: http://led.uwindsor.ca/annual-reviews not http://ezproxy.uwindsor.ca/login?url=http://www.annualreviews.org/  This will ensure our links stay up to date and don't break
  • When linking to items in the Library Catalogue, link the item's call number to give a visual indication that the item does not lead directly to the text. e.g. :
  • It is good practice to make lists with no more than 5-7 links or items; longer lists should be broken down by topic or in some other way


  • the Leddy Library (not The Leddy Library)
  • the Paul Martin Law Library (not The Law Library)
  • Library Catalogue not Conifer; not the OPAC
  • RACER or RACER Interlibrary Loan (not Racer)
  • Circulation Desk (not Front Desk)
  • Reference Help Desk (not Reference Desk)
  • Gwendolyn Ebbett (not Gwen Ebbett)
  • Main Building and West Building (not main building and west building)
  • basement not ground floor ; first floor not ground floor