Joint PhD Program in Education

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe the procedure for obtaining a library card for students in the PhD Program in Education

To obtain a University of Windsor Library Card, you must apply for one from our Access Services Department (Circulation) in the Leddy Library. Your contact person for obtaining your card is Alida DeMarco. Here is how to contact Alida:

Alida DeMarco
Access Services Co-ordinator
Leddy Library, University of Windsor
(519) 253-3000, Ext. 3173

After Alida gets your request for a card, she will check with our Education Faculty to see if you are a registered student. As soon as that is confirmed, she will mail you - at the permanent address you provide - a University of Windsor Library Card that has your name and barcode.

Your Library Card is good for one year from the date of issue. You can extend this date by contacting Alida and asking for an extension.

For any other problems or questions concerning Leddy Library services here at the University of Windsor, be sure to contact the Education Librarian:

Karen Pillon
Library Liaison for Education
(519) 253-3000, Ext. 3201