High School Students

Purpose and Scope: 
To offer guidelines for creating patron records for high school students borrowing at Leddy Library

-high school students are eligible for free borrowing privileges at Leddy Library
-high school students must provide photo I.D./active high school student card and proof of address

Create a patron record:

-Primary Identifier patron’s email address
-User group: High School Students
-Expiration date: June 30th (end of current school year)*
-Phone Number: include student’s home phone number
-Add Note: name of high school
-make patron’s barcode an identifier
-also add the name of the high school under the student's address

*unless an alternative date has been approved by the department coordinator

Privileges: 15 item limit
14 day loan with no renewals
block on account for any library fines
no I.L.L. privileges
no remote access to databases & journals

-if there are no cards already made and ready for pickup, give patron a UWin Guest Card (paper cards)
-make a label for the card with his/her name and affix it to the front of the card
-place a barcode on the back of the card
-give patron a copy of Services for External Borrowers