Friend Accounts

Purpose and Scope: 
To provide information about friend accounts

A friend account is requested by those who are not already in the system (eg. nursing preceptors) but a "friend" of the University who is providing a service for students or staff. The friend account is the way for non-University people to get into the system. The list of eligible patrons is on the matrix as "Affiliated Faculty". Another example is the faculty members from China. These are all people who want to do research here, who are asked to come by the University and who are usually here for a short period of time.

Patrons can get remote access via a friend account but not all patrons with a friend account will automatically get remote access. Some patrons will be granted a friend account for the purpose of accessing their borrowed items and due dates only. These patrons will not have remote access.
(Getting remote access depends on the status of the user, and the patron must be somehow connected with the university.)

Requests for Friend Accounts should be referred to Alida DeMarco.