Expanded Coverage of the Detroit Free Press!

front page of the Detroit Free Press

The Leddy library is excited to announce its recent increase in coverage of the historic newspaper, the Detroit Free Press. Previously covering issues from 1831-1922, Leddy now has access to 1923-1999 as well!
First printed in 1831 as the Democratic Free Press, the Detroit Free Press ( http://led.uwindsor.ca/detroit-free-press-archive) has a long history; indeed, its first issue was printed before Michigan became a state. It has received much recognition over these years, including ten Pulitzer Prizes and four national Emmy awards. The paper has been a significant and noteworthy source of news, both domestically and globally, all from the unique perspective of Detroit. The additional coverage of this valuable resource will prove an interesting and useful tool to students and faculty from a variety of areas of study, including History, Journalism, Sociology, Political Science, and more.