Enter the 2015 Leddy Research Question Competition for a chance to win 50$!

Leddy Library Research Question Competition on blue and gold background with UWill Discover Conference logo

Leddy Library Research Question Competition 2015

What is it

Do you wonder whether science will ever produce 3D-printed replacements for human organs? Are you curious as to why cats rule the internet? Indulge your curiosity!

The Leddy Library Research Question Competition invites you to submit your insightful, innovative, inspiring, or even humorous question for a chance to win $50!

When is it?

The Leddy Library Research Question Competition is open from Monday September 14th - 30th!

How do I Submit?

To submit and for more information visit: http://scholar.uwindsor.ca/leddyrqc/

You can see last year's top 30 questions here: http://scholar.uwindsor.ca/uwilldiscover/2014/

What Happens After?

In October, the top questions will be selected and posted in various locations around campus. In addition, the University of Windsor community will vote for their favorite of those top questions. 50$ Prizes will be awarded to the question receiving the most votes, a randomly selected question, and one randomly selected voter.

The Research competition is a precursor to the 2016 UWill Discover! Undergraduate Research Conference. Keep an eye out for more information about UWill Discover 2016.