Course Reserve – placing material on reserve

Purpose and Scope: 
To describe the procedures for faculty wishing to place material on course reserve

What is the Course Reserve Collection?
The Course Reserve collection is comprised of high demand materials selected by instructors for use by students registered in specific courses at the University of Windsor. Course Reserve readings can be in either print or digital form.

What can I place on Course Reserves?
(alternatives to photocopies/scans of copyrighted material)

• Copies of commercially published textbooks;
• Copies of professionally compiled coursepacks;
• Copies of library-owned materials;
• Copies of commercially published materials that you own;
• Copies of content in which you hold copyright (i.e. lecture notes);

• Content from e-journals and e-books licensed by the Library;
• Content in which you hold copyright (i.e. lecture notes);
• Content in the Public Domain;
• Content from Open Access sources;
• Content with appropriate Creative Commons licenses;

How can I use photocopies or digital scans of copyrighted materials for Course Reserve?
As of November 2012, new guidelines have been adopted for copying from copyright protected works. There are two options:
• Make copies/scans under the Fair Dealing Policy, or
• Acquire documented permission fro the rightholder to copy/scan for Course Reserve.

You are responsible for ensuring that the amount of your copying adheres to the conditions outlined in the Fair Dealing Policy.

Where is the Course Reserve Collection?
Main Circulation Desk, Main Floor, Leddy Library (519.253.3000 x3175).

Placing Items on Course Reserve:
Please use the Reserve Bibliographic Info Form to list your materials. To place material on Course Reserve supply your list of items to the Main Circulation Desk of the Leddy Library in person, via campus mail or email your list to (Note: Where necessary, complete and sign the Submission Form for Copyrighted Materials).

The list should contain the course name and number, the instructor's name, the length of loan requested and the semester during which the items are to be placed on reserve. Please include the following information as required:

Title, edition
Publication Year
Call number (if at Leddy)

Article Title
Journal Title
volume, issue, pages
Publication year
Total pages in the issue

Chapter Title
Chapter Author
Chapter Pages
Book Author/Editor
Book Title, edition
Publication Year
Total pages in book

Are there limits to the number of items that can be placed on Course Reserve?
Due to space constraints and processing demands, a limit of 40 items per course is in place. Under exceptional circumstances, appeals to exceed this limit may be submitted to Karen Pillon Head of Access Services,

What if the Leddy Library does not own the item I’d like to put on reserve?
It is possible to place a personal copy of any commercially produced item on course reserve. Bring any personal copies you wish to place on reserve to the Reserve Desk of the Leddy Library.

The Leddy Library will also attempt to order books needed for course reserve. Please contact the library subject specialist for your subject area well in advance of when the item is needed for Course Reserve to inquire about ordering books for Course Reserve that the Library does not own.

Number of Copies:
You may place up to 5 copies of an item on reserve for your course. (Except photocopies of copyrighted materials - maximum 3 copies per course)

Submission Deadlines:
In order to ensure your readings are available at the start of classes, submissions must be received by the following dates.
Fall Semester August 15th
Winter Semester December 15th
Inter/Summer Session April 15th

Late submissions will be processed as they're received, but may not be available at the start of classes due to processing and volume.

Borrowing is restricted to University of Windsor students, faculty and staff. Present your University of Windsor ID card and the call number of the item at the Main Circulation Desk. Up to two reserve items may be borrowed at any one time.

Loan Periods:
2-Hour reserve items may be borrowed anytime during the day for two hour periods and may be signed out for overnight use one hour prior to closing.

1, 3 and 7-Day reserve items may be borrowed anytime during the day. They are due back at either library closing time or midnight (whichever is earlier) on the date stamped in the book.

No renewals are allowed on reserve items. A one hour wait period is required before an item can be borrowed again by the same person.

Return reserve items to the Main Circulation Desk. DO NOT place them in the Book Return Bins.

The fine for late return of reserve material is $3.00 per hour per item. Fines accumulate even when the Leddy Library is closed.

Staff at the Reserve Desk and Reference Help Desk are available to answer any questions that you may have about the Course Reserve Collection.