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Gale Databases allows cross-searching of text across all the Gale databases available at the University of Windsor. This search... [more]
Gale NewsVault Access to a range of (mostly European) historical newspaper collections. Gale NewsVault allows users to cross-search... [more]
Gale Virtual Reference Library Access to reference eBooks across a broad range of disciplines including history, law, medicine, and more. Gale... [more]
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online Sound recordings, books, and documents pertaining to a diverse range of world musics. Garland Encyclopedia of World... [more]
Genetics Abstracts Indexes and abstracts of journal articles and papers pertaining to the field of genetics including molecular genetics,... [more]
GeoRef provides access to the geoscience literature of the world. The database contains references to geoscience journal... [more]
GeoScienceWorld Access to 46 full-text journals in the field of geosciences. A comprehensive electronic resource for research and... [more]
Gerritsen Collection: Women's History Online books, pamphlets and periodicals reflecting the revolution of a feminist consciousness and the movement for women's... [more]
Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration & Cultural Exchange Primary source materials for the study of global commodities in world history. This resource brings together... [more]
Global Market Information Database (GMID) Access to global and country level industry reports and statistics. This resource provides access to global and... [more]
Globe and Mail 1844 - 3 years ago the full-page newspaper archive of The Globe and Mail from June 1844 to 3 years ago. Coverage includes all the stories... [more]
Google Scholar Leddy Library has registered its holdings with Google Scholar. Google Scholar indexes the scholarly press and... [more]
GreenFILE a research database focused on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with well-researched but... [more]
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