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19th Century UK Periodicals Full runs of nearly 600 titles, from the period 1800 to 1900. Some titles exist only in a single copy; such is the fragile state of much... [more]
ABI/Inform Collection covers business, management and finance through scholarly and trade journal articles, dissertations, SSRN working papers, business cases... [more]
Academic OneFile a multi-disciplinary collection of nearly 13,000 titles, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals and more than 5,000 in full-text... [more]
Academic Search Complete a multi-disciplinary database of over 6,000 periodicals, including more than 5,000 peer-reviewed journals. In addition to full text, this... [more]
ACLS Humanities E-Book over 3000 works of major importance to historical studies on this website. ACLS is collaborating in this initiative with 20 learned... [more]
ACM Digital Library every article ever published by ACM and bibliographic citations from major publishers in computing. Includes journals/transactions,... [more]
ACP (American College of Physicians) Journal Club Only 12 concurrent users for the Evidence Based Medicine Reviews collection for all Ontario (ACP being a part of EBMR). Includes published... [more]
African American Music Reference coverage of blues, jazz, spirituals, civil rights songs, slave songs, minstrelsy, rhythm and blues, gospel, and other forms of black... [more]
Algology Mycology and Protozoology Abstracts (Microbiology C) covers the research relating to algae, fungi, protozoa, and lichens, separating out all the relevant studies in the literature and... [more]
America: History and Life historical coverage of the United States and Canada from prehistory to the present. The database covers 1700 journals, and in addition to... [more]
American Broadsides and Ephemera based on the American Antiquarian Society's landmark collection of American broadsides and ephemera, this full-color digital edition... [more]
American Chemical Society Journals complete coverage of all titles published by the American Chemical Society, from 1879 to the present. C&EN mobile for the latest... [more]
American Film Scripts Online contains over 1,000 scripts by over 1,000 writers together with detailed, fielded information on the scenes, characters and people related... [more]
American Institute of Physics journals published by the American Institute of Physics [more]
American Mathematical Society (AMS) Journals Journals of the American Mathematical Society. The journals have been published since 1891 and cover a broad range of mathematics. In... [more]
American Periodicals periodicals published between 1740 and 1940, including special interest and general magazines, literary and professional journals, children... [more]
American Physical Society Journals published by the American Physical Society tha include Physical Review Letters, Physical Review X, Physical Review, and Review of... [more]
American Physiological Society Journals journals published by the American Physiological Society (APS), a nonprofit devoted to fostering education, scientific research, and... [more]
American Society for Microbiology Journals journals of the American Society's for Microbiology, covering the spectrum of microbiology, from molecular and cellular biology to... [more]
American Society of Civil Engineers Journals & Proceedings Full-text of the journals and proceedings published by the American Society of Civil Engineers [more]
Animal Behavior Abstracts papers relevant to animal behavior, with subjects ranging from neurophysiology to behavioral ecology, from genetics to applied ethology.... [more]
Anishinabek News a tabloid-format newspaper designed to foster pride and share knowledge about Anishinabek Nation current affairs, culture, political... [more]
Anishinabek News Archive a tabloid-format newspaper designed to foster pride and share knowledge about Anishinabek Nation current affairs, culture, political... [more]
Annual Reviews systematic, periodic examinations of scholarly advances in the fields of Biomedical Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences through... [more]
AnthroSource AnthroSource is a service of the American Anthropological Association providing a digital searchable database containing the past, present... [more]
Aquatic Science and Fisheries Abstracts basic and applied research on aquatic organisms for scientists involved in the cooperative management of the world's living aquatic... [more]
Art Index Please Note: This resource has been CANCELLED effective June 2020.  For help finding other resources in this subject area please... [more]
ARTbibliographies Modern covers modern and contemporary arts dating from the late 19th century onwards, including photography with abstracts of journal articles,... [more]
Artemis Primary Resources Gale Artemis is a path-breaking research experience that unites Gale's globally acclaimed digital archives. Artemis Primary... [more]
Arts and Humanities Citation Index a citation index covering key social science journals from 1975 to the present. Researchers can: "navigate forward in time" by... [more]
ArtStor Artstor provides faculty and students with a complete image resource in a wide array of subjects with the breadth and depth to add context... [more]
Asian American Drama contains 252 plays by 42 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies,... [more]
ASM Handbooks Online content of twenty-five volumes of the ASM Handbook as well the Engineered Materials Handbook and the Metals Handbook. Volumes include:... [more]
ASME Journals journals published by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers [more]
Assumption College Purple and White The Purple And White was the Assumption College (later Assumption University) student newspaper for almost 35 years. It began publication... [more]
ASTM International Standards technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services published by ASTM International, one of the largest voluntary standards... [more]
Audio Drama: The L.A. Theatre Works Collection more than three hundred important dramatic works from the premiere radio theatre company in the U.S. [more]
Avery Brundage Olympics and Sports Collection a major resource for the study of 20th century sports and the development of international athletic competition. The collection of primary... [more]
Bacteriology Abstracts - Microbiology B covers topics ranging from bacterial immunology and vaccinations to diseases of man and animals, clinical findings and all aspects of pure... [more]
Bibliography of Native North Americans citations to literature about native peoples of North America published from the sixteenth century to the present. Native North Americans... [more]
Biodiversity Heritage Library The Biodiversity Heritage Library is the world’s largest open-access digital library for biodiversity literature and archives.... [more]
Bioline International a platform for the distribution of peer-reviewed journals (currently from Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, India,... [more]
Biological Sciences abstracts and citations from 8000 journals that cover research in biomedicine, biotechnology, zoology and ecology, and some aspects of... [more]
Biological Sciences Electronic Theses and Dissertations Theses and dissertations (ETDs) from the University of Windsor's Biological Sciences Department. [more]
BioOne Leddy's subscription ends March 31, 2017 so no new content will be available after that date.  BioOne providedaccess to the... [more]
Biotechnology Research Abstracts research articles on biotechnology (medical, agricultural, and environmental) and bioengineering. This database can also be searched as... [more]
Birds of the World a multimedia research database providing comprehsensive and authoritive information on birds from all over the world. Find detailed... [more]
Black Drama - 1850 to Present contains approximately 1200 plays by 200 playwrights, together with detailed, fielded information on related productions, theaters,... [more]
Black Studies Center combines several resources for research and teaching in Black Studies: Schomburg Studies on the Black Experience, International Index to... [more]
Black Thought and Culture contains 1,297 sources with 1,098 authors, covering the non-fiction published works of leading African Americans. Where possible the... [more]
Black Women Writers offering fiction, poetry, and essays from three continents and 20 countries, the database gives a view of black women's struggles... [more]
Books@Ovid Nursing a small collection of core clinical texts [more]
Brill E-Books: Classical Studies and the Social Sciences Collections access to the 2010 and 2011 titles published by Brill for Classical Studies (49 titles) and the Social Sciences collections (73 titles).... [more]
British and Irish Women's Letters and Diaries the immediate experiences of approximately 500 women, as revealed in over 100,000 pages of diaries and letters. Particular care has been... [more]
British Literary Manuscripts Online, c. 1120-1900 consists of two collections, British Literary Manuscripts Online c.1660-1900 which provides an intimate look into the lives and works of... [more]
British Periodicals hundreds of periodicals from the late seventeenth century to the early twentieth. British Periodicals traces the development and growth of... [more]
Business Source Complete covers business, marketing, MIS, POM, management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, and more. Business Source Premier... [more]
C19: The Nineteenth Century Index draws on the strength of established indexes such as the Nineteenth Century Short Title Catalogue, The Wellesley Index, Poole's Index... [more]
Cairn journals over 150 French and Belgian journals in human and social sciences, from Economics, Politics, Public affairs, Sociology, Education,... [more]
Calcium and Calcified Tissue Abstracts pertinent information from wide-ranging sources, reflecting the multi-disciplinary nature of calcium research. This database can also be... [more]
Cambridge Core Free Resources Cambridge University Press is offering free access to university libraries and their associated students and faculty – the collection... [more]
Canadian Art Database, The The Centre for Canadian Contemporary Art's database documenting the careers of some of Canada's leading professional artists,... [more]
Canadian Book Review Annual Online Http:// Canadian Book Review Annual Online is  more than 40,000 authoritative reviews of English-language and Canadian-authored scholarly,... [more]
Canadian Business & Current Affairs Database (CBCA) focuses on business periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. [more]
Canadian Business & Current Affairs: Health & Medicine news and current affairs in Canadian health and medicine. This database is a subset of Canadian Business & Current Affairs database... [more]
Canadian Census Analyser access to census profile data: Enumeration Area/Dissemination Area (2001) and Census District: 1981, 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006; Census... [more]
Canadian Electronic Library Provides full text access to over 20,000 ebooks and 75,000 public documents.  This collection is a merger of 3 former collections: the... [more]
Canadian Health Research Collection Now merged into the Canadian Electronic Library Collection you have access to a collection of documents and ebooks from Canadian research... [more]
Canadian Human Rights Reporter Click on "Subscriber Login" for access. CHRR provides decisions of federal and provincial human rights commissions from 1980... [more]
Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Journals Canadian Journal of Mathematics (CJM) and Canadian Mathematical Bulletin (CMB) are the flagship publications of the Society, devoted to... [more]
Canadian Music Centre: Digital Music Library On-line provides access to Canadian composers and a sample of their respective scores. This database features over 300 score samples and sound... [more]
Canadian Newsstream Full text of 300 Canadian newspapers including The Windsor Star and The Globe and Mail. The database includes full access to the articles,... [more]
Canadian Public Policy Collection Now merged into the Canadian Electronic Library Collection you have access to monograph publications from Canadian public policy institutes... [more]
Canadian Publishers Collection - Scholarly Now merged into the Canadian Electronic Library Collection you have access to  ebooks from a number of Canadian Scholarly Presses with... [more]
Canadian Publishers Collection - Trade Now merged into the Canadian Electronic Library Collection you have access to ebooks from a number of Candian trade publishers including... [more]
Canadiana Collection More than 80, 000 volumes dating back to the early 17th century that are about Canada, or written and published by Canadians, freely... [more]
CanLII (Canadian Legal Information Institute) primary sources of Canadian law, both legislative and judicial, from federal, provincial, and territorial jurisdictions. [more]
CANSIM (CHASS) is Statistics Canada's time series database. It contains 1.2 million series in 1,400 tables which cover a wide variety of social and... [more]
CANSIM (Statistics Canada) is Statistics Canada's time series database. It contains 1.2 million series in 1,400 tables which cover a wide variety of social and... [more]
CARD: Canadian Advertising Rates and Data advertising rates and related data for most Canadian media [more]
Career Cruising Career Cruising is a self-exploration and planning program that provides patrons with a comprehensive resource with respect to career... [more]
CBCA Complete With 600 full text titles, CBCA Complete is the most comprehensive Canadian reference collection available today. CBCA Complete features a... [more]
CBCA Complete: History focuses on history periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. [more]
CBCA Complete: Literature and Language focuses on literature and language periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. [more]
CBCA Complete: Science and Technology focuses on science and technology periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete.   [more]
CBCA Complete: Social Sciences focuses on social sciences periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. It is a subset of CBCA Complete. [more]
CBCA Complete: The Arts This database focuses on arts periodicals covering Canada and Canadian issues. This database is a subset of CBCA Complete. Subject... [more]
Center for Research Libraries provide students, faculty, and other researchers liberal access to these rich source materials through interlibrary loan and digitalized... [more]
CFMRC TSX (Canadian Financial Markets Research Centre) includes daily and monthly Toronto Stock Exchange trading information about specific securities; information on "price adjustments... [more]
Chemoreception Abstracts this database brings together studies from many diverse disciplines relating to chemoreception from 1982 to the present. This database can... [more]
ChemSpider a free chemical structure database that mines the web for chemical property data. A secondary source of properties, ChemSpider provides... [more]
China: Trade, Politics and Culture, 1793-1980 a variety of original source material detailing China's interaction with the West from Macartney's first Embassy to China in 1793,... [more]
CINAHL Complete coverage of literature in nursing and the allied health sciences. This index provides abstracts for nearly 5,500 journals from... [more]
Classical Music in Video more than 400 hours of streaming video and growing to 1,000 hours on music history, music appreciation, music performance, analysis, and... [more]
Classical Music Scores and Video Classical Music from Alexander Street includes sheet music, audio, and video of classical music with coverage of all major genres and time... [more]
Classical Scores Library Approximately 400,000 pages of the most important classical scores and manuscripts, allowing for the study and analysis of more than 24,000... [more]
Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials only 12 concurrent users for the Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews collection for all Ontario (this Cochrane being a part of EBMR)...over 300... [more]
Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews only 12 concurrent users for the Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews collection for all Ontario (this Cochrane being a part of EBMR)...... [more]
Cochrane Methodology Register only 12 concurrent users for Evidence-Based Medicine Reviews Collection for all Ontario (this Cochrane being a part of EBMR)...studies... [more]
CogNet Library texts for cognitive and brain sciences. The Library contains works from the MIT Press, as well as content and links to resources from other... [more]
Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences a library of 50- to 100-page electronic books, each of which synthesizes an important research or development topic, authored by a... [more]
Communication and Mass Media Complete covers communication and mass media through the indexing of indexing and abstracts for more than 570 journals, and selected (“... [more]
Compendex provides abstracts from 2,600 engineering journals, conferences, and reports. Included are the broad applied engineering areas of chemical... [more]
Compustat via WRDS Compustat databases available on the Wharton Research Data Services (WRDS) platform, including Standard and Poor's Compustat North... [more]
Computer and Information Systems Abstracts literature on computers and software, including software engineering, artificial intelligence, mathematical modeling and computer... [more]
Conference Board of Canada e-Library We are currently experiencing access issues with this title. To access, please create an individual account using your email... [more]
Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969 consists of confidential print documents issued by the United Kingdom Foreign and Colonial Office since c1820. This collection covers the... [more]
Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology over 1,500 entries; complete coverage of DSM disorders; and a bibliography of over 10,000 citations. Readers will benefit from up-to-date... [more]
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives real transcripts of therapy and counseling sessions and first-person narratives illuminating the experience of mental illness and its... [more]
CPA: Chartered Professional Accountants Canada Includes: CPA Canada Standards and Guidance Collection (CPACHB) Guide to Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (GASPE)... [more]
CPG Infobase Canadian clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) developed or endorsed by authoritative medical or health organizations in Canada. Currently,... [more]
CPI.Q (Canadian Periodical Index) millions of articles from a list of Canadian and International journals, magazines and reference content with a Canadian focus. Includes... [more]
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics Summary The CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 98th Edition is an update of a classic reference. The 98th Edition contains several... [more]
CRSP via CHASS access to NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq Daily and Monthly Security Prices and other historical data related to over 24,000 companies. The data is... [more]
CRSP via WRDS NYSE/AMEX/Nasdaq daily and monthly security prices and other historical data for over 24,000 companies, updated annually. [more]
Culture Crime News: a Database of Antiquities and Art Crime Media reports about the looting of archaeological sites, the theft of art and antiquities, and all sorts of crime and legal entanglement... [more]
Curio (CBC) gives teachers and students streaming access to selected educational content from CBC and Radio-Canada, including documentaries... [more]
Dance in Video Dance productions and documentaries by influential companies and performers of the 20th century. Containing 758 videos, Dance Online: Dance... [more]
Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effects Abstracts and reviews of health care topics including diagnosis, prevention, treatment, and more. DARE (Database of Abstracts of Reviews... [more]
Datastream Datastream is a global financial and macroeconomic data platform providing data on equities, stock market indices, currencies, company... [more]
Defining Gender, 1450-1910 Source materials from European archives intended for researching the humanities from a gendered perspective. Defining Gender contains... [more]
Detroit Free Press, 1831-1999 The Detroit Free Press published its first edition before Michigan entered statehood and when wild animals outnumbered the people living in... [more]
Dictionary of Canadian Biography Contains authoritative biographical information about historical Canadian figures. A joint initiative between the University of Toronto... [more]
Digital Commons Network The Digital Commons Network brings together free, full-text scholarly articles from universities and colleges who use the Digital Commons... [more]
Digital National Security Archive Over 100 000 indexed, declassified U.S. government documents spanning from 1945 to the present. Containing the most comprehensive set of... [more]
Directory of Open Access Books The OAPEN Library contains freely accessible academic books, mainly in the area of humanities and social sciences. OAPEN works with... [more]
Dissertations and Thesis @ University of Windsor University of Windsor dissertations and theses published after 1996. See also the winSpace Thesis & Dissertation Collection [more]
DOAJ: Directory of Open Access Journals a directory of free, full text, quality controlled scientific and scholarly journals, covering all subjects and many languages. The... [more]
Drama Online Leddy Library subscribes to the Core collection and the Playwrights Canada Press collection.  Provding more than 1000 plays and... [more]
Drama Online - Playwrights Canada Press To access click on “Collections” along the top navigation bar and select Playwrights Canada Press.  [more]
Duke University Press Journals Interdisciplinary database containing 28 journals in the humanities and social sciences including early modern studies, African literature... [more]
Dun & Bradstreet Industry Norms and Key Business Ratios (2004-2011) Industry Norms & Key Business Ratios provides access to historic Canadian data for competitive benchmarking (2004-2011). [more]
Dun & Bradstreet Key Business Ratios via Mergent Intellect Key Business Ratios on the Web (KBR) lets researchers examine industry benchmarks compiled from D&B’s database of public and... [more]
Early American Imprints contains virtually every book, pamphlet and broadside published in America over a 160-year period. Digitized from one of the most important... [more]
Early Canadiana Online web access to a digital library of primary sources in Canadian history from the first European contact to the late 19th century. The... [more]
Early Encounters in North America Collection of primary sources of early encounters, specifically focused on present-day Canada and the United States. Contains 1, 482... [more]
Early English Books Online Images of over 132, 000 English-language works printed from 1473-1700 in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and elsewhere. Early English... [more]
Early European Books Online a diverse array of printed sources from the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries. All works printed in Europe before 1701,... [more]
EBSCOHost eBook Collection A multidisciplinary resource that provides access to PDF full-text versions of over 11, 000 eBooks. A multidisciplinary resource,... [more]
ECCO (Eighteenth Century Collections Online) every page of over 180,000 titles or 200,000 volumes published during the 18th Century. With full-text searching of approximately 33... [more]
Ecology Abstracts current ecology research across a wide range of disciplines, reflecting recent advances in light of growing evidence regarding global... [more]
EconLit EconLit is published by the American Economic Association.  It indexes the most sought-after economics publications, including peer-... [more]
Economist Intelligence Unit Collection of analyses and forecasts on more than 200 key industries and countries. Maintained by the research and analysis division of... [more] a weekly newsmagazine focusing on international politics and business news and opinion. It explores the close ties between domestic and... [more]
EDGAR EDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and... [more]
eHRAF World Culture eHRAF World Cultures contains ethnographic collections covering all aspects of cultural and social life. [more]
Eighteenth Century Journals Portal rare journals printed between c1685 and 1835 illuminating all aspects of eighteenth-century social, political and literary life. They offer... [more]
eMarketer Pro Provides reports and forecasts related to digital marketing, media, and commerce. [more]
Emerald Insight A multidisciplinary resource of partial and full-text articles from 379 journals within accounting, education, engineering, sociology, and... [more]
Empire Online Collection of primary source documents spanning the 16th through 20th centuries pertaining to colonial history, politics, culture and... [more]
Engineering Village Peer-reviewed engineering research content dating from 1898 to present. An in-depth source for engineering, the collection combines the... [more]
Entomology Abstracts research reports of relevance to entomology are assembled here, with coverage including insects, arachnids, myriapods, onychophorans and... [more]
ERIC The ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) database is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education to provide extensive access... [more]
Erudit journals Full-text available to end of 2014. Érudit is the largest disseminator of French-language resources in North America. Érudit... [more]
European Views of the Americas: 1493-1750 Collection of bibliographic information for European works regarding the Americas published from 1493 through 1750. The collection... [more]
Evidence Based Medicine Reviews Evidence-based medical literature available in full-text and abstract only. Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) Reviews is a part of Ovid... [more]
Factiva Factiva is a business information source produced by Dow Jones. It provides international coverage of major newspapers, newswires, business... [more]
FADIS: Federated Academic Digital Imaging System designed for the teaching, studying and researching of art, architecture and visual culture. FADIS combines the digital management of... [more]
Film and Television Literature Index An index of international periodical literature about film, television, and video. A quarterly index that covers international... [more]
Films On Demand Master Academic Collection Stream full-length films in four categories: Business & Economics, Health & Medicine, Humanities & Social Sciences, and Science... [more]
First Nations Periodical Index The First Nations Periodical Index contains journals of mainly Canadian Native content.  This Index is a tool providing access to... [more]
First World War The primary source material for the study of the First World War, from personal narratives and printed books to military files, propaganda... [more]
Frontier Life Frontier Life is a digital resource designed to enrich teaching and research, examining settlement, existence and interactions at the edge... [more]
Gale Databases allows cross-searching of text across all the Gale databases available at the University of Windsor. This search interface excludes the... [more]
Gale NewsVault Access to a range of (mostly European) historical newspaper collections. Gale NewsVault allows users to cross-search a wide range of... [more]
Gale Virtual Reference Library Access to reference eBooks across a broad range of disciplines including history, law, medicine, and more. Gale Virtual Reference... [more]
Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online Sound recordings, books, and documents pertaining to a diverse range of world musics. Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Online is a... [more]
Genetics Abstracts Indexes and abstracts of journal articles and papers pertaining to the field of genetics including molecular genetics, protein, enzymes,... [more]
GeoRef provides access to the geoscience literature of the world. The database contains references to geoscience journal articles, books, maps,... [more]
GeoScienceWorld Access to 46 full-text journals in the field of geosciences. A comprehensive electronic resource for research and communications in the... [more]
Gerritsen Collection: Women's History Online books, pamphlets and periodicals reflecting the revolution of a feminist consciousness and the movement for women's rights. The... [more]
Global Commodities: Trade, Exploration & Cultural Exchange Primary source materials for the study of global commodities in world history. This resource brings together manuscript, printed and... [more]
Global Market Information Database (GMID) Access to global and country level industry reports and statistics. This resource provides access to global and country level industry... [more]
Globe and Mail 1844 - 3 years ago the full-page newspaper archive of The Globe and Mail from June 1844 to 3 years ago. Coverage includes all the stories, plus thousands of... [more]
Google Scholar Leddy Library has registered its holdings with Google Scholar. Google Scholar indexes the scholarly press and university websites and with... [more]
GreenFILE a research database focused on the relationship between human beings and the environment, with well-researched but accessible information... [more]
Harvard Business Review Online Analyses of management problems and commentary in all fields of management and administration. Primarily geared for upper level... [more]
Health and Safety Science Abstracts survey of recent work relating to public health, safety, and industrial hygiene. Cited studies are geared to help individuals identify,... [more]
Health Technology Assessment only 12 concurrent users for the Evidence Based Medicine Reviews collection for all Ontario (this database being a part of EBMR)...details... [more]
HealthSTAR citations to the published literature on health services, technology, administration, and research. It focuses on both the clinical and non... [more]
HeinOnLine a collection of full-text legal periodicals: U.S., Canadian, U.K., Australian, etc To access the database, simply click on the prior... [more]
Héritage Chronicling the country and its people from the 1600s to the mid-1900s, this collection will represent a vast and unique resource for... [more]
Historical Abstracts Bibliographic information pertaining to world history from the 15th century to the present—excluding the United States and Canada... [more]
Historical Debates of the Parliament of Canada (For enriched Hansard Debates see LiPaD) These Historical Debates represent a free searchable database of digitised versions of the debates... [more]
Hoover's Company Records Business information for 40, 000 companies worldwide from 1986 to the present. Hoover’s Company Records provides access to... [more]
House of Commons Parliamentary Papers The House of Commons Parliamentary Papers are an essential primary source for Britain, its colonies, and the wider world. They are the... [more]
Humanities and Social Sciences Index Retrospective, 1907-1984 An interdisciplinary resource of indexed and full-text research in the humanities and social sciences. Covering a wide range of... [more]
IBISWorld IBISWorld's unrivalled range of industry analysis is available online whenever you need it. Whether your company requires a better... [more]
IEEE Xplore Access more than 4 million full-text documents in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics. The IEEE... [more]
Illustrated London News Historical Archive 1842-2003 represents more than 150 years of social, political and cultural history in the form of the world's first illustrated newspaper! From... [more]
Immunology Abstracts Full-text and abstract-only scientific literature covering all aspects of immune systems in humans and animals. Part of the Biological... [more]
Indigenous Peoples: North America Primary source materials pertaining to Indigenous Peoples in Canada and the United States including historical experiences, traditions,... [more]
Indigenous Studies Portal (iPortal) resources for Indigenous studies including books, articles, theses, documents, photographs, archival resources, and maps. As of March, 2010... [more]
Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts - Microbiology A Access to abstracts to scholarship in agricultural, food and beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries Also available as part of... [more]
Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) works with Canadians in all areas of the economy and in all parts of the country... [more]
Intelex Past Masters An interdisciplinary resource comprised of 117 full-text humanities and social science databases. A comprehensive resource that is... [more]
Inter-corporate Ownership in Canada The Inter-corporate ownership directory is the most authoritative and comprehensive source of information available on corporate ownership... [more]
Inter-University Consortium For Political and Social Research one of world's largest electronic data archives of social science data. ICPSR is an organization of member institutions working... [more]
International Financial Reporting Standards Access to International Financial Reporting Standards supported by CPA Canada. Supported by the Chartered Professional Accounts (CPA)... [more]
International Joint Commission Archive Welcome to the International Joint Commission (IJC) Archive at the University of Windsor. This online archive contains reports and... [more]
Investigative Dashboard Represents a transnational, collaborative effort to help journalists and civil society researchers expose organized crime and corruption... [more]
IOP - Institute of Physics Science Journals Access to the journals of the Institute of Physics (IoP) - including its current journal subscriptions and its entire journal archive from... [more]
ITER:- Gateway to the Middle Ages & Renaissance Access the ITER Bibliography through the ITER Gateway portal.  This unique bibliography contains over 1.1 million citations for... [more]
John Johnson Collection: An Archive of Printed Ephemera Scanned documents from the 18th through 20th centuries pertaining to crimes, advertising, booktrade, and more. The John Johnson... [more]
Johns Hopkins Guide to Literary Theory and Criticism includes almost 300 entries on critics and theorists, critical schools and movements, and the critical and theoretical innovations of... [more]
Journal Citation Reports allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 11,000 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,... [more]
JoVE Science Education Library JoVE Science Education Library: is a video library aimed at teaching scientific fundamentals through video demonstrations.  Subject... [more]
JSTOR over one thousand leading academic journals across the humanities, social sciences, and sciences, as well as select monographs and other... [more]
JSTOR Global Plants plant type specimens, taxonomic structures, scientific literature, and related materials for plant science community. JSTOR Plant... [more]
Knovel Engineering and Science e-books this ebook collection includes over 3,000 reference works from over 90 technical publishers and professional societies including AIAA,... [more]
Labour Source Access to full-text to legal information pertaining to labour. Labour Source features the latest commentary from Brown and Beatty’... [more]
Latino Literature: Poetry, Drama and Fiction more than 100,000 pages of poetry, fiction, and drama written in English and Spanish by hundreds of Chicano, Cuban, Puerto Rican, Dominican... [more]
LearnTechLib LearnTechLib is the premiere online resource for aggregated, peer-reviewed research on the latest developments and applications in Learning... [more]
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Current scholarship in all areas of computer science and information technology research. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)... [more]
Lecture Notes in Mathematics Scholarly publications in the field of mathematics from 1964 to the present. Lecture Notes in Mathematics provides access to an array of... [more]
Lexicomp a drug information tool that helps support clinical decision making. Access drug monographs, select clinical practice guidelines, patient... [more]
Liberty Magazine 1924-50 A record of the moods, attitudes, lifestyles, fads, and fortunes of middle America through its three most significant decades, Liberty... [more]
Library, Information Science and Technology Abstracts indexes more than 560 core journals, nearly 50 priority journals, and nearly 125 selective journals; plus books, research reports and... [more]
Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts indexes the international literature in linguistics and related disciplines in the language sciences. The database covers all aspects of... [more]
Literature Online over 350,000 works of English and American poetry, drama and prose, 150 full-text literature journals, with key criticism and reference... [more]
Literature Resource Center Full-text articles from scholarly journals and literary magazines, critical essays, work and topic overviews, full-text works, biographies... [more]
London Low Life Colour digital images of rare books, ephemera, maps and other materials relating to 18th, 19th and early 20th century London. It is... [more]
Manuscript Women's Letters and Diaries the personal writings of women of the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries, displayed as high-quality images of the original manuscripts,... [more]
Mark H. McCormack Papers With a growing collection of approximately 2,500 boxes of records that represent the personal life of Mark H. McCormack and the intertwined... [more] Academic Academic provides information on products, trends, regions, demographics, industries, and companies through a variety of... [more]
Marquis Who's Who profiles on over 1.4 million of the most accomplished individuals from all fields of endeavor including: government, business, science and... [more]
Mass Observation Online: British Social History 1937-1972 Mass Observation was a pioneering social research organisation whose papers provide insights into the cultural and social history of... [more]
Materials Science Index (METADEX) literature on metallurgy, ceramics, polymers, and composites used in engineering applications. In-depth coverage from raw materials... [more]
MathSciNet A database containing nearly 3 million scholarly items in the field of mathematics. MathSciNet is the electronic version of Mathematical... [more]
Medieval Travel Writing a collection of manuscript materials for the study of medieval travel writing in fact and in fantasy. The main focus is accounts of... [more]
Medline via Proquest provides citations, many with abstracts, to the world's journal literature in the fields of medicine, nursing, dentistry, veterinary... [more]
Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print provides users with a comprehensive guide to over 2,700 contemporary testing instruments, containing information essential for a complete... [more]
Mergent Archives Indexed collection of corporate and industry related documents in over 100 countries worldwide. The Mergent Archives database provides... [more]
Mergent Intellect Includes an international business directory of public and private companies, key business ratios, First Research industry reports, and U.S... [more]
Mergent Online Includes company financial data, Investext investment reports and Horizon Global: supply chain information. [more]
Mintel Canadian market research reports with a focus on the consumer; includes downloadable data. [more]
MLA Directory of Periodicals offers detailed information on over 7,100 journals, with 4,400 currently indexed in the MLA International Bibliography. The detailed... [more]
MLA International Bibliography A subject index for published books, articles, and websites on modern literatures, linguistics, folklore, and more. The MLA... [more]
Morgan & Claypool Publishers: Colloquium and Synthesis Collections Access to short e-books that synthesize important research or developments, created by prominent researchers for both the Colloquium... [more]
Music Database A music periodical resource covering several aspects of music including music education, performance, ethnomusicology, theory, popular... [more]
Music Index A guide to scholarly musicological literature including periodicals, book reviews, performances, reviews of recordings, and more. Music... [more]
Music Online Provides access to audio and visual recordings, music periodicals, books, and more. Music Online allows users to search across all of... [more]
myiLibrary Access to over 20, 000 eBooks across several disciplines including philosophy, psychology, religion, political science, history, social... [more]
NASW Clinical Register a listing of clinical social workers who have met national standards for education and experience established by the National Association... [more]
National Bureau of Economic Research Publications Working publications pertaining to economics, finance, education, and more from 1973 – present. (3-year embargo period) Supported... [more]
National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS) Abstracts Database more than 220,000 abstracts available covering criminal justice, juvenile justice, and substance abuse resources housed in the NCJRS... [more]
National Film Board of Canada Description - full-length films, trailers and clips online for use in educational institutions. Collection includes animation,... [more]
National Research Council (NRC Press) Journals 15 NRC Research Press journals in a broad range of scientific disciplines, with more than 2000 manuscripts each year. The first issue of... [more]
Naxos Music Library offers streaming access to more than 52,677 CDs with more than 756,740 tracks, standard and rare repertoire. Over 800 new CDs are added to... [more]
Neurosciences Abstracts covers all aspects of vertebrate and invertebrate neuroscience, emphasizing basic research but also including such neural diseases as... [more]
New York Times (1851 - 5 years ago) Provides researchers and scholars with the coverage of the politics, society, and events published in the New York Times from 1851 –... [more]
Newscan (Eureka) Newscan (Eureka) offers full-text access to more than 8,000 general and specialized news sources covering a variety of fields, including... [more]
NHS Economic Evaluation Database Over 7, 000 abstracts pertaining to healthcare evaluations. A part of the Evidence Based Medicine Reviews, NHS Economic Evaluation... [more]
Nineteenth-Century Serials Edition a collection of six nineteenth-century periodicals and newspapers. It includes full runs of the first five titles, and a decade only of the... [more]
Nineteenth-Century Short Title Catalogue covers printed record of the English-speaking world from the beginning of the nineteenth century to the end of the First World War,... [more]
NIST Chemistry WebBook carefully curated property data on a large number of organic compounds, and a few common inorganics. Included data are thermochemical,... [more]
North American Immigrant Letters, Diaries and Oral Histories Includes 2,162 authors and approximately 100,000 pages of information, providing a unique and personal view of what it meant to immigrate... [more]
North American Indian Thought and Culture approximately 27 000 pages of text and images Included are biographies auto biographies personal narratives speeches diaries letters and... [more]
North American Theatre Online covers Canadian and American Theatre. It includes some 40 000 pages of major reference materials together with records to more than 30 000... [more]
North American Women's Drama contains 1021 plays by 247 playwrights together with detailed fielded information on related productions theaters production companies and... [more]
North American Women's Letters and Diaries the immediate experiences of 1 325 women and 150 000 pages of diaries and letters. Particular care has been taken to index this material so... [more]
Nucleic Acids Abstracts Access to citations and abstracts pertaining to cloning and sequencing strategies from 1982 to the present. A part of the Biological... [more]
ODESI datasets from Statistics Canada, Gallup Canada and other polling companies, and public-domain files such as the Canadian National Election... [more]
OECD iLibrary contains all the publications and datasets released by OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), International Energy... [more]
OLH: Open Library of Humanities The Open Library of Humanities (OLH) is dedicated to publishing open access scholarship with no author-facing article processing charges (... [more]
Oncogenes and Growth Factors Abstracts Citations and abstracts to literature pertaining to oncogene research into the molecular basis of malignant transformations. Part of the... [more]
Open Library Open Library account holders can borrow up to five eBook titles for up to 2 weeks each and read the pdf or ePub either online or off.... [more]
OpenDOAR OpenDOAR is an authoritative directory of academic open access repositories. Each OpenDOAR repository has been visited by project... [more]
OpenEdition Books OpenEdition Books is a web platform for books in the humanities and social sciences. More than half of them are available in Open Access.... [more]
OpenEdition Journals OpenEdition Journals is a journals platform for the humanities and social sciences. Founded in 1999 under the name of, it is now... [more]
Ophea Health and Physical Education (H&PE) Curriculum Resources: Grades 1-8 supports implementation of Ontario’s 2010 H&PE Curriculum through: 1,000+ downloadable and searchable lesson plans addressing all... [more]
Ophea Physical Education Safety Guidelines outlines safe practices for activities in order to minimize the risk of accidents or injuries, representing the minimum standards for risk... [more]
Oral History Online indexing of more than 2 500 collections of Oral History in English from around the world The collection also provides keyword searching of... [more]
OregonPDF in Health and Performance OregonPDF in Health and Performance (formally Kinesiology Publications) makes available graduate dissertations and theses in areas related... [more]
Our Ontario Digital collections of resources pertaining to history, business, and scientific heritage in Ontario. Our Ontario is a non-profit... [more]
Our Ontario Community Newspapers Collection Searchable historical Ontario newspapers from 1810 onward. This resource brings together over 200 years of newspaper titles throughout... [more]
Our Ontario Government Documents Collection over 29,000 government documents from the collection of the Ontario Legislative Library, with new documents being added quarterly. The... [more]
OVID a complete list of subscribed resources on the OVID platform [more]
Ovid Emcare Ovid Emcare is a premium nursing and allied health database that provides a means to search, discover, and manage information. You can... [more]
Ovid MEDLINE access the MEDLINE database through the Ovid interface, ideal for systematic and scoping reviews as well as other advanced searches... [more]
Oxford Art Online Text and image searching of Grove Art Online, The Oxford Companion to Western Art, Encyclopedia of Aesthetics, and The Concise Oxford... [more]
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Concise biographies of over 60,000 influential historical British figures. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography is a record of... [more]
Oxford English Dictionary the entire text of the 22-volume Oxford English Dictionary which merges the original OED with the supplements prepared throughout this... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Business and Management Leddy Library provides access to 20 handbook titles in the Business and Management subject area.  The titles to which we have full... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Law Paul Martin Law Library provides access to the complete collection (48 volumes) of Oxford Handbooks Online in Law (available to all Univ.... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Music Leddy Library provides access to the entire collection of Oxford Handbooks Online in Music (69 volumes) form a network of reference... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Philosophy Leddy Library provides access to 28 Oxford Handbooks in the Philosophy.  The titles to which we have full access are: The Oxford... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Political Science Leddy Library provides access to 12 Oxford Handbooks in the Political Science.  The titles to which we have full access are: The... [more]
Oxford Handbooks Online - Religion Leddy Library provides access to 16 Oxford Handbooks in the Religion.  The titles to which we have full access are: The Oxford... [more]
Oxford Music Online Encyclopedic content pertaining to all aspects of music performance and scholarship. Oxford Music Online contains content from three... [more]
Oxford Reference The full text of over 300 key reference titles from Oxford University Press, including scholarly articles from titles in Oxford Companions... [more]
Oxford Very Short Introductions Concise introductions to a wide range of subject areas including climate, consciousness, game theory, Islamic history, economics, and more... [more]
PAIS PAIS stands for Public Affairs Information Service and this index references to more than journal articles, books, government documents,... [more]
Paley Center Seminars a video archive of the acclaimed seminar series held by The Paley Center for Media (formerly The Museum of Television and Radio) in New... [more]
Penn World Tables The Penn World Table provides purchasing power parity and national income accounts converted to international prices for 179 countries for... [more]
Performing Arts Database Scholarly and popular literature pertaining to performing arts disciplines including dance, theatre, mime, and more. Performing Arts... [more]
Periodicals Archive Online A multidisciplinary full-text archive of periodicals pertaining to the humanities and social sciences. Periodicals Archive Online... [more]
Perseus Digital Library An open-source project providing a suite of services for interacting with textual collections. While as a whole it provides an integrated... [more]
PhilPapers PhilPapers is a comprehensive index and bibliography of philosophy maintained by the community of philosophers. Using advanced trawling... [more]
PILOTS Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress includes citations to all literature on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and... [more]
Plant Science Literature, images, and primary sources pertaining to all aspects of plant science. Plant Science contains both full-text and abstract-... [more]
Project MUSE Project MUSE provides online access to the full text of over 200 scholarly journals in the arts and humanities, social sciences and... [more]
ProQuest All Databases ProQuest All Databases searches across all content and formats (books, journals, newspapers, etc) or for those using  an iPhone... [more]
Proquest Arts and Humanities searches all the arts and humanities databases on the Proquest platform including the following: American Periodicals... [more]
ProQuest Asian Business and Reference Information pertaining to several aspects of business throughout Asia and Europe. This resource provides content pertaining to the study... [more]
Proquest Business A comprehensive resource that searches all of the business related databases on the ProQuest platform including: ABI/INFORM Complete... [more]
Proquest Dissertations and Theses The world's most comprehensive collection of dissertations and theses from around the world, spanning from 1861 to the present day and... [more]
Proquest Health and Medicine searches all the health and medicine databases on the Proquest platform including the following: ABI/INFORM Global ABI/INFORM... [more]
Proquest Historical Annual Reports (US) annual reports (1844-current) available for over 800 US companies with indexed data such as: financials, Fortune 500 ranking, industry... [more]
Proquest Historical Newspapers includes historical access to the following national newspapers: New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post. and these regional... [more]
Proquest History searches all the arts and humanities databases on the Proquest platform including the following: American Periodicals British... [more]
Proquest Literature and Language searches all the literature and languages databases on the Proquest platform including the following: American Periodicals... [more]
Proquest Microbiology the combined databases of Industrial and Applied Microbiology Abstracts (Microbiology A), Bacteriology Abstracts (Microbiology B), and... [more]
Proquest News and Newspapers searches all the arts and humanities databases on the Proquest platform including the following: Canadian Newsstand Complete CBCA... [more]
ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source a variety of scholarly resources pertaining to the fields of nursing and allied health. This index provides access to abstracts from more... [more]
Proquest Politics Collection This collection provides access to renowned databases such as PAIS and Worldwide Political Science Abstracts, covering the international... [more]
ProQuest SciTech Collection This database combines full text journals with detailed indexing of global literature on natural sciences, engineering and technology.... [more]
Proquest Social Sciences A comprehensive resource that searches all social sciences databases on the ProQuest platform including: American Periodicals... [more]
ProQuest Sociology Collection ProQuest Sociology provides access to Sociological Abstracts, Social Services Abstracts, INTELECOM Sociology Video Collection and the... [more]
PsycARTICLES Articles from journals published by the American Psychological Association, the APA Educational Publishing Foundation, the Canadian... [more]
PsycINFO international literature in psychology and related disciplines such as psychiatry, education, business, medicine, nursing, pharmacology,... [more]
PsycTESTS the full-text of tests that have previously been discussed or published in journal literature and books [more]
PubMed abstracts of biomedical and literature in a variety of health sciences fields including medicine, nursing, dentistry, and the allied... [more]
Regional Business News Full-text business coverage for all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States. Regional Business News is a database that... [more]
Registry of Canadian Government Information Digitization Projects Indexes of Canadian government documents and government document digitization projects. A joint initiative between the University of... [more]
RISM: Répertoire Internationale des Sources Musicale RISM is recognized within the music world as the central place for the documentation of music primary sources. In 34 countries around the... [more]
Rock's Backpages Over 23,000 classic articles on artists from Aaliyah to ZZ Top, on all genres from rockabilly to hip hop, by the finest music writers of... [more]
Romanticism, Life, Literature & Landscape The access to the working notebooks, verse manuscripts and correspondence of William Wordsworth and his fellow writers, including Dorothy... [more]
Royal Society of Chemistry Journals A publisher of 44 peer-reviewed journals covering core chemical sciences. [more]
SAGE Journals Online access to a subset of journals. Available titles can be browsed using the "Sage Journals Available To Me" option [more]
SAGE Knowledge SAGE Knowledge provides more than 2,700 titles of eBook and eReference content in the social sciences, including scholarly monographs,... [more]
SAGE Knowledge Criminology SAGE Knowledge Criminology provides access to eBooks and eReference materials in the criminology subset of SAGE Knowledge. Choose the... [more]
Sage Research Methods Online Explore various research methods by searching content from more than 640 books, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and handbooks, the entire... [more]
Scholars Portal Books almost 70,000 commercial and over 280,000 open access titles. Commercial publishers including Springer, Oxford University Press, Cambridge... [more]
Scholars Portal GeoPortal offers search, preview, and download functionality for a growing selection of geospatial datasets covering such topics as land use,... [more]
Scholars Portal Journals A multi-disciplinary resource containing full-text scholarly literature in every academic discipline. Scholars Portal Journals is a... [more]
Scholarship at UWindsor Scholarship at UWindsor is your portal to research and collections at the University of Windsor. The mandate of the Scholarship at... [more]
Science Citation Index a citation index covering key science journals from 1965 to the present. Researchers can: "navigate forward in time" by... [more]
ScienceDirect Full-text access to peer-reviewed literature pertaining to scientific, technical, and medical research. A product of Elsevier,... [more]
SciFinder the largest chemical information database, providing access to journal articles, patents, and data about chemical substances.... [more]
SciVal SciVal visualizes research performance of institutions and individuals by tracking citations of the scholarly literature and applying... [more]
Scopus a multidisciplinary abstract and citation database covering over 19,000 titles, including 18,000 peer-reviewed journals (including 1,800... [more]
SDC Platinum The University of Windsor has access to Thomson Refinitiv SDC Platinum. Faculty, staff, and students may use the data for research,... [more]
SEDAR provides access to most public securities documents and information filed by public companies and investment funds with the Canadian... [more]
Slavery, Abolition and Social Justice, 1490-2007 a resource on trans-Atlantic slavery and abolition brings together original manuscript and rare printed material from dozens of libraries... [more]
Smithsonian Global Sound Produced in partnership with Smithsonian Folkways, this collection of over 2,800 albums provides an unprecedented variety of online... [more]
Social Science Research Network Library designed to address the rapid worldwide dissemination of social science research and is composed of a number of specialized research... [more]
Social Sciences Citation Index a citation index covering key social science journals from 1975 to the present. Researchers can: "navigate forward in time" by... [more]
Social Services Abstracts covers current research focused on social work, human services, and related areas, including social welfare, social policy, and community... [more]
Social Work Abstracts produced by the National Association of Social Workers, spans 1968 to the present and covers social work and other related journals on... [more]
Sociological Abstracts Sociological Abstracts, and its companion file Social Services Abstracts, cover the international literature of sociology, social work, and... [more]
Sociology Collection access to the latest findings in theoretical and applied sociology, social science, and policy science. Sociological Abstracts features... [more]
SPORTDiscus literature on sports, sports medicine, nutrition and rehabilitation: physical therapy, occupational health, exercise physiology and... [more]
Springer Protocols Nearly thirty years worth of time tested, reproducible, step-by-step protocols for immediate use in the lab. Compiling protocols from... [more]
SpringerLink Books over 40,000 ebooks published by Springer from 2005 on in the following subject areas: Architectural Design, Behavioral Science, Biomedical... [more]
Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Over 1,200 encyclopedic entries pertaining to philosophy. The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy contains over 1,200 published entries... [more]
Sunday Times Digital Archive broke key stories of the 20th century such as the thalidomide scandal, Kim Philby as a Soviet double-agent and the Israeli nuclear... [more]
SWODA: Southwestern Ontario Digital Archive Explore Southwestern Ontario, one of the oldest Caucasian settled areas within the Province, dating to before the 18th century, through... [more]
Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science Synthesis is a library of 50- to 100-page electronic books that synthesizes an important research or development topic, authored by a... [more]
Taxnet Pro Customs & Excise Centre The Customs and Excise Centre provides functionality to search across Taxnet Pro for current information on issues affecting customs,... [more]
Taylor and Francis Journals Multidisciplinary resource containing over 3,800,000 scholarly articles in a myriad of disciplines. Taylor and Francis Journals provides... [more]
Teacher Reference Center over 260 titles from the most popular teacher and administrator trade journals, periodicals, and books and provides coverage on key... [more]
Termium Plus a terminology and linguistic data bank which includes almost 4 million English and French terms, more than 18,000 Portuguese terms, more... [more]
The Turtle Island News Canada's only national native weekly newspaper, published every week at the Grand River Territory of the Six Nations in southern... [more]
Theatre in Video Access to videos pertaining to theatre including performances, documentaries, interviews, and more. A product of Alexander Street,... [more]
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae contains virtually all ancient Greek texts surviving from the period between 8th century B.C. and A.D. 600, plus historiographical and... [more]
Times Digital Archive every page as published from over 200 years of the London newspaper. Coverage runs from 1785-2006 and covers major international historical... [more]
TOCS-IN Approximately 100,000 articles pertaining to Classics. TOCS-IN provides access to nearly 100,00 articles in approximately 200 journals... [more]
Toxicology Abstracts specifically focused to meet the needs of toxicologists. The database covers issues from social poisons and substance abuse to natural... [more]
Toxline covers the core journal literature in all areas of toxicology, including chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pesticides, environmental... [more]
Trip a clinical search engine to research evidence to support practice and care. Trip provides access to health information in the forms of... [more]
Twentieth Century North American Drama contains 834 plays by 124 playwrights, together with detailed fielded information on related productions, theaters, production companies... [more]
Ulrich's International Periodical Directory provides information on virtually every active and ceased periodical, annual, irregular publication, and monographic series published... [more]
Underground and Independent Comics, Comix and Graphic Novels a scholarly, primary source database focusing on adult comic books and graphic novels. Beginning with the first underground comix from the... [more]
University of Windsor Thesis and Dissertation Collection Access thousands of digitized theses and dissertations from the University of Windsor, with new materials being added each semester. The... [more]
UpToDate physician-authored evidence summaries to support point-of-care decision making. More than 5,100 world-renowned physician authors,... [more]
Victorian Database over 110,000 records listing books, articles, and dissertation abstracts published from 1945 to 2011 on every field of nineteenth-century... [more]
Victorian Popular Culture source material relating to popular entertainment in America, Britain and Europe in the period from 1779 to 1930. Spiritualism, Sensation... [more]
Virology and AIDS Abstracts access to the literature on virology in humans, animals, and plants with topics ranging from replication cycles to oncology to AIDS.... [more]
Vogue Archive preserves the work of the world's greatest fashion designers, stylists and photographers and is a unique record of American and... [more]
Waterloo Directory of English Newspapers and Periodicals, 1800-1900 Bibliography of over 50,000 historical publications in 756 subjects. Covering the 19th century, the Waterloo Directory of English... [more]
Web of Science consists of three citation indexes : Science Citation Index Expanded (1965-), Art & Humanities Citation Index (1975-), and Social... [more]
Wiley Online Library Wiley features 1500 journals as well as thousands of eBooks and multi-volume reference works. The University of Windsor does not subscribe... [more]
Women and Social Movements in the United States 1600 - 2000 Primary and secondary sources pertaining to U.S. history and U.S. women’s history between the years 1600 to 2000. Women and Social... [more]
Women, War and Society, 1914-1918: From the Imperial War Museum, London primary source materials brought together in the Imperial War Museum, London. These unique documents charity and international relief... [more]
World Wars Aboriginal Veterans Portal Commemorating Canada's aboriginal World Wars veterans, this database represents the largest and most comprehensive source of data about... [more]
WorldCat the OCLC Union Catalog with over 44 million bibliographic records representing 400 languages. WorldCat covers information dating back to... [more]
Worldwide Political Science Abstracts provides abstracts and indexing of the international literature of political science and international relations, along with complementary... [more]
Zotero Bibliographic management software Bibliographic management software acts as your personal research assistant allowing you to track,... [more]
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