Alma Status

As a cloud-based system, our catalog Alma is hosted and maintained externally by Ex Libris. If the system appears to be down, check to see if this is a known problem or a scheduled maintenance. They use the following icons:

Ex Libris Status Icons

  • Ex Libris Status Page. Our instance is Alma NA01. 
  • If the status icon under Current Status next to our instance (NA01)  is anything other than a green checkmark, then Ex Libris is already aware of the problem and working on it, and all we can do is wait for them to resolve the issue. If you hover your mouse over the status icon a box should pop up with any current information on their progress in resolving the issue. Access services will need to use offline mode. 
  • If the status icon shows a green checkmark, then Ex Libris thinks everything is fine. If everything does not appear to be fine, contact Systems or almasys and we will take it from there.