Windsor and Area Statistics: Health


  • Health Region or Health Unit: Windsor-Essex County
  • LHIN: Erie-St. Clair
  • Also note the Peer Groups - similar regions that are grouped together

Statistics Canada's Health Indicators cover topics including health status, certain chronic illnesses and satisfaction with health care, by health region.

Statistics Canada Community Health Profiles are a good way to get a quick overview of a particular community.

Ontario Wait Times gives waiting times for different types of surgery and diagnostic scans, for the province, health regions and individual hospitals.

Ontario Rapid Risk Factor Surveilance System (RRFSS) is a telephone survey that monitors key public health issues relevant to local public health needs on behalf of Ontario Health Units. Query Windsor-Essex health data here. The query system allows you to build custom reports. Researchers can request access to more detailed data.

Ontario Institute for Clinical Evaluative Services publications page has a variety of information on the health care system in Ontario and nationally, with some statistics at the regional level. Of particular interest are the Atlases. Some of their information is available in the form of powerpoint slides for use in presentations.

The Health System Performance Research Network (HSPRN) Hospital Reports provide system level and hospital-specific reports on hospital performance.

Ontario Hospital Association Health System Facts.

CIHI Health Indicators Databases cover different measures of performance of hospitals and the health system, by health region.

Emergency department wait times are in this separate CIHI report.

See also Health Statistics and Data