Geospatial Data: Other Provinces/Territories

The following list outlines the main sources of geospatial data for other provinces and territories (besides Ontario). More data for these areas may be available in the Canada sections. Think about which government organizations might have created the data you are looking for, and start with their website's search box.


British Columbia

  • GeoBC: produces and maintains a diverse roster of tools and applications that can be used to discover, view and manipulate spatial information in British Columbia


New Brunswick

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia

Prince Edward Island



  • GeoSask: access to different types of maps and geographic information related to Saskatchewan land from across various government sources

  • Regina Open Data Catalogue: open data portal for the city of Regina


  • Environment Yukon: geospatial data from the Yukon Department of Environment

  • Geomatics Yukon: provides a central source for distributing Yukon government data and imagery