Geospatial Services

Getting Started

The Academic Data Center (ADC) provides a large array of geospatial services, including locating and acquiring geospatial data, access to GIS software, and GIS technical consultation. Peruse the links below to find more information about these services.

Introduction to GIS

What is GIS? 

“A geographic information system (GIS) integrates hardware, software, and data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically referenced information.” (ESRI)

More detailed, please see the GIS Lounge webpage.

What is GIS Data?

“Geographic data is the composite of spatial data and attribute data, describing the location and attributes of things.” (ESRI)

Common GIS file formats

A list of the most common GIS file formats can be found here (Carleton University) 

GIS History

GIS glossaries

Contact Information

If you have any question about GIS or GIS resources, please contact